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Saturday, January 24, 2015

TFD Opinions: Subjective 2016 Presidential Election Odds

Pulling from's recent attempt at guessing the presidential nomination odds, here are mine. These odds are the % chance of each person actually being the nominee which includes the possibility they might not run at all. Anyone rated as 0 is not actually 0 but consider it a rounding error as they are below 0.5%.

75- Hillary Clinton
7- Elizabeth Warren (Senator- MA)
5- Joe Biden
4- Martin O'Malley (Former Gov- MD)
3- Jim Webb (Former Sen- VA)
1- Andrew Cuomo (Governor- NY)
0- Bernie Sanders (Senator- VT)
5- Someone Else

24- Jeb Bush (Former Gov- FL)
13- Scott Walker (Governor- WI)
11- Rand Paul (Senator- KY)
10- Chris Christie (Governor- NJ)
9- Marco Rubio (Senator- FL)
7- Rick Perry (Former Gov- TX)
6- Mitt Romney (Former Gov- MA)
5- Mike Huckabee (Former Gov- AR)
3- John Kasich (Governor- OH)
3- Ted Cruz (Senator- TX)
3- Mike Pence (Governor- IN)
1- Bobby Jindal (Governor- LA)
0- Ben Carson (Surgeon- MD)
0- Carly Fiorina (Former CEO- CA)
0- Lindsey Graham (Senator- SC)
0- Rick Santorum (Former Sen- PA)
0- Donald Trump (Professional Troll- NY)
0- Sarah Palin (Former Gov- AK)
0- Rick Scott (Governor- FL)
5- Someone Else

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