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Sunday, October 19, 2014

TFD Opinions: Election 2014 Anti-Endorsements

Calling out the worst of the worst who are running for governor or senator in 2014 (#1 being the gold standard for awfulness). All 10 are Republicans. I wish the list was a little more bipartisan as there are plenty of epic failures in Congress and governors' mansions in both parties but these 10 take the cake for being the most vile, ignorant, and corrupt of them all.

10. Jeff Sessions (Senate, Alabama)
9. Nathan Deal (Governor, Georgia)
8. Tom Corbett (Governor, Pennsylvania)
7. Sam Brownback (Governor, Kansas)
6. Paul LePage (Governor, Maine)
5. Mitch McConnell (Senate, Kentucky)
4. Joni Ernst (Senate, Iowa)
3. James Inhofe (Senate, Oklahoma)
2. Scott Walker (Governor, Wisconsin)
1. Rick Scott (Governor, Florida)

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