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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Onion: Taylor Swift Back Together With Former Flame Christopher Dorner

Another person she's eventually going to have to avoid at award shows. (TheOnion)

Leonard Jeopardy Teen Tournament Final Jeopardy Wager Video

Will Ferrell as Ted Vagina Ejects Shaq from Lakers Game

His latest role? (Buzzfeed)

Calorie Count Labels Can Be Highly Inaccurate

New Pope Bracketology and Vegas Odds

Because picking the pope is a sport. (Bracketology)(Odds)

Daily Show: Lewis Black: Celebrities on Gun Control

Daily Show: Dick Cheney, Still an Asshole

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Full Video: Barack Obama 2013 State of the Union Speech

Marco Rubio Drink of Water Lunge State of the Union Response Moment Video

Obama State of the Union They Deserve a Vote Gun Moment Video

Full Text: Barack Obama 2013 State of the Union Speech Transcript

Every State of the Union mentions not helping companies who ship jobs overseas. (Transcript)

State of the Union 2013 Drinking Game

The State of the Union is inebriated. (HuffingtonPost)

State of the Union 2013 Cartoon

Who Said It? Ted Nugent or Charles Manson?

SI NCAA Tournament 2013 Bubble Watch February 12

UVA sits on the bubble with the weirdest resume. (BubbleWatch)

2013 Barack Obama State of the Union Preview

As always, some of it is leaked early. (NYTimes)

Colbert Report: George W Bush Email Hacked: Bathroom Self Portraits

Daily Show: Harvard Cheating Scandal: Intro to Congress

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Onion: Obama Admits Drone Strikes Have Been Happening on Their Own

They've become self-aware. (TheOnion)

Keeping Patients Out of Hospitals

Saving money by keeping patients at home. (TheAtlantic)

2013 MLB Preseason Power Rankings

When was the last time the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies were outside the top 12? (PowerRankings)

Winter Storm Nemo is Not Named After the Animated Fish

Just so you know. (Slate)

The US High Speed Rail System of Your Dreams

What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

Not just an asteroid. (Slate)

Relax, You'll be More Productive

Don't rush through life. (NYTimes)

Sunday Cartoon: Jumping Off a Bridge

Notre Dame Beats Louisville in 5 Overtimes

Still not as many as the 6 UConn and Syracuse played a few years ago. (ESPN)

SNL: Weekend Update: One Black Guy in Every Commercial

SNL: Miley Cyrus Show with Justin Bieber

SNL: CBS Super Bowl Blackout: 2 Broke Girls and Ray Lewis Killed That Guy!

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