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Thursday, May 30, 2013

TFD Opinions: College World Series 2013 Regional and Super Regional Predictions

North Carolina Regional: North Carolina
South Carolina Regional: South Carolina
North Carolina Super Regional: North Carolina

North Carolina State Regional: North Carolina State
Oregon Regional: Oregon
Oregon Super Regional: North Carolina State (upset)

Cal State Fullerton Regional: Cal St Fullerton
UCLA Regional: San Diego (upset)
Cal State Fullerton Super Regional: Cal St Fullerton

Virginia Tech Regional: Oklahoma (upset)
LSU Regional: LSU
LSU Super Regional: LSU

Vanderbilt Regional: Vanderbilt
Louisville Regional: Louisville
Vanderbilt Super Regional: Vanderbilt

Indiana Regional: Indiana
Florida State Regional: Alabama (upset)
Indiana Super Regional: Indiana

Virginia Regional: Virginia
Mississippi State Regional: Central Arkansas (upset)
Virginia Super Regional: Virginia

Kansas State Regional: Arkansas (upset)
Oregon State Regional: Oregon State
Oregon State Super Regional: Arkansas (upset)

College World Series Opening Matchups:
#1 North Carolina vs. North Carolina State
#5 Cal State Fullerton vs. #4 LSU
#2 Vanderbilt vs. Indiana
#6 Virginia vs. Arkansas

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