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Sunday, December 30, 2012

TFD Opinions: 2012-2013 NFL Playoffs Picks

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 164-91-1

The AFC 3-6 seeds all look weak so it seems like Brady or Manning will be heading to the Super Bowl given how Houston is fading. NFC seems pretty up in the air; any of the teams could easily make it in my mind but the 49ers look like the most solid team and Seattle will end up with no home games where they dominate unless the Vikings make a run.

Wild Card Round:
Texans over Bengals
Packers over Vikings
Ravens over Colts
Seahawks over Redskins

Divisional Round:
Broncos over Ravens
49ers over Packers
Seahawks over Falcons
Patriots over Texans

Conference Championships:
Patriots over Broncos
49ers over Seahawks

Super Bowl:
Patriots over 49ers

NFL Playoffs 2012 Wild Card and Divisional Round TV Schedule

Saturday 1/5:
Bengals @ Texans, 4:30 PM EST (NBC)
Vikings @ Packers, 8:00 PM EST (NBC)

Sunday 1/6:
Colts @ Ravens, 1:00 PM EST (CBS)
Seahawks @ Redskins or Cowboys, 4:30 PM EST (FOX)

Saturday 1/12:
TBD @ Broncos, 4:30 PM EST (CBS)
TBD @ 49ers, 8:00 PM EST (FOX)

Sunday 1/13:
TBD @ Falcons, 1:00 PM EST (FOX)
TBD @ Patriots, 4:30 PM EST (CBS)


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