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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Cartoon: Todd Akin

Empire State Building Bystanders Shot by Police

So much for "mass shooting." (HuffingtonPost)

The Onion: Jerry Sandusky Coaching Little League World Series Team

How did that happen? (TheOnion)

The TP Test

How the Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

Funny or Die: Roger Clemens 2057

Collins: A Gun Fairy Tale

The fantasy that citizens armed with guns would accurately kill a shooter and not hit any bystanders. (NYTimes)

So, Mitt, What Do You Really Believe?

Taking on Mitt's awful PR campaign. (Economist)

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules August 24: Religious Fundamentalism and Fantasy

Episode 256 by BillMaher1956

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jesse Pinkman Seinfeld Spinoff

Broncos Name Brock Osweiler Starter Over Peyton Manning

Not really. (SportsPickle)

The Onion: Pregnant Woman Relieved to Learn Her Rape was Illegitimate

Thanks, Todd Akin. (TheOnion)

Airbus Plane of the Future

Making flying a more aesthetic experience. (AndrewSullivan)

Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson Obama Attack Piece

Fast and loose with the truth. (TheAtlantic)

Princeton Review America's Top Party Schools 2012

West Virginia wins. (HuffingtonPost)

Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster Harry Caray Impressions

Bruni: Principle Over Politics

Bob Kerrey's unwavering support for gay marriage. (NYTimes)

Brooks: Guide for Voters

David Brooks makes his case for Romney/Ryan. (NYTimes)

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