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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chicago 2012 St. Patrick's Day Green River

Notre Dame Xavier Lane Violation Video

The Real Reason for Voter ID Laws

Voter fraud is not a real issue. (TheAtlantic)

TFD Opinions: 2012 March Madness 3rd Round Picks

1. Kentucky over 8. Iowa State
12. VCU over 4. Indiana
3. Baylor over 11. Colorado
10. Xavier over 15. Lehigh
1. Michigan State over 9. St. Louis
5. New Mexico over 4. Louisville
3. Marquette over 6. Murray State
15. Norfolk State over 7. Florida
1. Syracuse over 8. Kansas State
5. Vanderbilt over 4. Wisconsin
3. Florida State over 6. Cincinnati
2. Ohio State over 7. Gonzaga
1. North Carolina over 8. Creighton
13. Ohio over 12. South Florida
3. Georgetown over 11. NC State
2. Kansas over 10. Purdue

Saturday Cartoon: Affordable Care Act

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules March 16: Kony 2012 and Gas is Too Damn High

Episode 241 by BillMaher1956

Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Sign Does Not Look Handwritten

2012 March Madness Drinking Game

Sip, shot, and the whole bottle. (SportsPickle)

Rock Center: David Cameron 10 Downing Street Interview

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Why I am Leaving the Empire by Darth Vader

For anyone who read the Why I'm Leaving Goldman Sachs article yesterday. (DailyMash)

Excuses for Getting Out of Work to Watch the NCAA Tournament

Good, better, best. (SportsPickle)

Blake Griffin Airballs Consecutive Free Throws Video

Want to Fix Lobbying? Add More Money

Counterintuitive. (TheAtlantic)

2012 March Madness 2nd Round TV Schedule

TV schedule for the opening round. (Thursday)(Friday)

Colbert Report: Monkey on the Lam in Alabama

Jimmy Kimmel: Santoromentum Drug

Colbert Report: Kermit the Frog, Political Reporter

Daily Show: Newt 2012: You'll See, You'll All See

Daily Show: SXSW Homeless 4G Hotspots

Is Barack Obama a Murderous Sociopath?

There's a headline you don't see every day. (MotherJones)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mitt Romney Reviews the Olive Garden

The tables are just the right height. (MotherJones)


Baracketology: Barack Obama's 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Obama makes his annual March Madness picks. Notably, he has the same final four and championship game as me. (ObamaBracket)

Democrats vs. Dictators March Madness Bracket

Why isn't Coach K on the dictators list? (ForeignPolicy)

Pick Ohio State to Win March Madness

Act like a hedge fund manager. (Slate)

Congress' Plan to Fix Congress

Trying to reform from within. (WashingtonPost)

Greg Smith: Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs

The toxic atmosphere of investment banks. (NYTimes)

Run, Little Mitt, Run

Romney has politics in his blood. (GQ)

Jimmy Kimmel: Rick Santorum: Tell That to a Plant

Colbert Report: You Can't Drive with a Windmill on the Roof

Daily Show: Will Ferrell Wears a Baseball Batting Helmet

Daily Show: FOX News, Shut the Fuck Up

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

President Obama Makes 2012 Final Four Picks

Kentucky, Ohio State, Mizzou, and UNC. The rest of his picks to be unveiled tomorrow. (ESPN)

Mitt Romney Even Flipflops on Catfish

Community: Law and Order Intro

Why All of Your NCAA Tournament Picks Suck

Mean but funny. (SportsPickle)

Driverless Traffic

What would happen if cars drove themselves? (AndrewSullivan)

How to Fill Out Your March Madness Bracket

Have some fun; don't overthink it. (TheAtlantic)

2012 Coolest Name NCAA Tournament Bracket

Vote on the best name in March Madness. (ESPN)

Presidents Don't Control Gas Prices

Bush didn't, Obama doesn't. (WashingtonPost)

Colbert Report: Daylight Savings Time is Redistributing to the Poor

Colbert Report: Mitt Romney: Unofficial Southerner Likes Grits, Y'all

Daily Show: Jeff Foxworthy: You Might be a Romney

New 2012 US News Law School Rankings

#1 Yale University
#2 Stanford University
#3 Harvard University
#4 Columbia University
#5 University of Chicago
#6 New York University
#7 University of California--Berkeley
#7 University of Pennsylvania
#7 University of Virginia
#10 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
#11 Duke University
#12 Northwestern University
#13 Georgetown University
#14 Cornell University
#15 University of California--Los Angeles
#16 University of Texas--Austin
#16 Vanderbilt University

(Full List)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

NCAA Tournament Bracket S-Curve 2012: 1 Through 68 Rankings


Liz Lemon Hunger Strike Stopped Apartheid

Are You Pregnant, Ref?

2008: Biden Says Bin Laden is Hiding in Pakistan

Connor Powers Baseball Trick Shots Video

Dwyane Wade Overtime Buzzer Beater vs. Pacers Video

Sunday Cartoon: Super Tuesday

Douthat: Not So Crazy Republicans

You have to give run of the mill Republican voters some credit for sifting through the bad alternatives to the bad frontrunner. (NYTimes)

Bruni: Mitt's Rich Predicament

Mr. Moneybags. (NYTimes)

SNL: Weekend Update: Stefon March 10: BlowJ Simpson, Football Jellyfish, Heprechauns, Human Roombas

SNL: Rush Limbaugh Thanks His New Sponsors

SNL: Weekend Update: Andy Samberg as Sarah Palin

SNL: Weekend Update: Paula Deen Gets Sued

Bob Knight Likes Ice Cream

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