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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pizza Vending Machine

Welcome to the Jungle Performed on Cellos

The Onion: Oprah: I Hated Every Minute of My Show

Oprah tells the real truth about her 25 years on TV. (TheOnion)

How to Watch an Unbroadcast Sporting Event

There are ways to watch beyond checking ESPN. (Deadspin)

Top 10 Things Rick Perry Doesn't Want You to Know About Him

The not so presidential moments. (ThinkProgress)

7 Watery Wonders of the World

Next vacation destination? (TheAtlantic)

Rick Perry 2012?

If he got in, it seems like he'd have a good chance at the nomination. No history of flip-flops like Mitt, no blandness like Pawlenty, strong social conservative. (HuffingtonPost)

Has the Afghanistan Surge Worked?

Remember that first war from 2001 before the Iraq one? (CSMonitor)

Saturday Cartoon: Food Pyramid

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules June 10

"Pretty soon, all of television will be one long show called CSI: Vampire Idol." (RealTime)

Real Time: Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Read Anthony Weiner Texts and Messages

Warning: language and content

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Biggest Mitt Romney Campaign Lie Yet

A Romney spokesman says, "The fact that he doesn’t change his position...that’s the upside for us... He's not going to change his mind on these issues to put his finger in the wind for what scores points with these parts of the party." (MotherJones)

Wall Street Fake Outrage over Mortgage Rules

How dare anyone try to prevent another economic crisis? (MotherJones)

Colbert Report: Cameraman Can't Focus on Mitt Romney

2012 Senate Rankings June 10

The swing states of 2012. (WashingtonPost)

The Onion: College Senior Hopes to Turn Love of Data Entry into Career

Even in this economy, she should be able to find a job. (TheOnion)

Fan in Cow Suit Rushes Field and Scores Goal at Kansas City vs. Chicago MLS Game

Lebron James: I Don't Always Miss Shots, But When I Do...

Also: Lebron, Are You Sure You Want to Quit?

Lebron James: Are You Sure You Want to Quit?

Way Too Early 2012 Top 20 NCAA Lacrosse Rankings

UVA is #1 as defending champs. (InsideLacrosse)

Heat vs. Mavericks: Welcome to the Dirk Side

College World Series Super Regional Preview and Predictions

Cal or Dallas Baptist will be in the College World Series...amazing. (SI)

10 Commonly Misused Words

The Onion: Ohio State Hires Jim Tressel as Football Coach

Good choice. (TheOnion)

MLB Power Rankings June 10

Yankees tumble after being swept by the Red Sox. (SI)

Republican Presidential Nomination Odds June 10

Change from last week in parentheses:
Pawlenty 21% (-1)
Romney 20% (+2)
Other 13% (+2)
Bachmann 9% (0)
Cain 9% (0)
Huntsman 8% (-2)
Palin 7% (0)
Gingrich 5% (-1)
Paul 4% (0)
Santorum 4% (0)

Jimmy Kimmel: Usher Benchwarmers Song

Craig Ferguson: Things That Sound Like John McCain

Craig Ferguson: Morgan Freeman Interview

Colbert Report: The Word: Mitt Romney Sometimes Good Business Experience and Gordon Gecko

Daily Show: Wyatt Cenac: Foreign Oil, Invade Canada

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rational and Irrational Need to Watch Sporting Events Live

I particularly enjoy the list of irrational consumers. (Grantland)

KFC Selling Mega Jugs of Pepsi to Fight Diabetes


The Onion: Anti-Gay Congressman Caught in Affair with Horse

Breaking: Anti-Gay Congressman Caught In Affair With Horse

End Medicare As We Know It

Is it actually a good idea? Unclear. (Newsweek)

Healthy Restaurant Foods to Avoid

They might look healthy but they're not. (HuffingtonPost)

10 Things This Photo Says About Tim Pawlenty

Esquire likes Tim Pawlenty as much as I do. (Esquire)

Summer Movies: Science Fiction vs. Fact

Breaking down the science from the fantasy in the top summer movies. (PopSci)

Politician Twitter Fails

Anthony Weiner isn't alone. (ForeignPolicy)

10th Anniversary of the Failed Bush Tax Cuts

I'm sure the people at the top who benefited think they were okay. (Slate)

Obama vs. The Economy

The economy will be a tougher opponent than the Republican nominee. (LATimes)

My Bad: A Political Medley of Apologies

From the litany of stupid politicians that have cheated and been caught. (NYTimes)

Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin Republicans Run Fake Democrats in Recalls

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Colbert Report: Better Know a District: California Representative John Garamendi

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colbert Report: Herman Cain Wants 3 Page Bills and Republican Healthcare Haiku

"Blood in the urine
A tingling down the left arm
Walk if off, Grandma"

-Stephen Colbert

America's Got Talent: Justin Bieber Look Alike Girl

Herman Cain Wants Great Wall of China on Mexico Border

Graduation Cartwheel Fail

Herman Cain: I Won't Sign a Bill Longer Than 3 Pages

Congrats, you've established that you're not intellectually qualified to be President. (TalkingPointsMemo)

Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo at the NBA Finals

When a Politician Gets Caught Cheating, He Makes This Face

Don't Text at the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater

World Champion Dad

Movie Cliche: You Just Don't Get It, Do You?

"You Just Don't Get It, Do You?" - A Montage of Cinema's Worst Writing Cliche from Jeff Smith on Vimeo.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations: Sarah Palin Edition

Republican expectations of Sarah Palin are too low. (TheAtlantic)

America's Got Talent: Impressionist: Kathy Griffin, Miley Cyrus, and Barbara Walters

Conan: NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk #3

Conan: Sarah Palin History Channel: Declaration of Independence

Alec Baldwin Considering Run for Mayor of New York

The Anthony Weiner scandal shakes up the race. (Mediaite)

Colbert Report: Kim Jong Il Tap Shoes Dance

Colbert Report: The Word: Rand Paul Terrorist Profiling

Craig Ferguson: Cursing Bunny is Going to France

Rachel Maddow: IOKIYAR: It's Ok If You're a Republican

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Cuts Hand While Mocking Anthony Weiner Press Conference

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tim Pawlenty's Economic Plan is a Joke

His policies are as phony as he is. (WashingtonPost)

Conan: Sarah Palin Explains Paul Revere Error

Stanley Cup Finals: Bruins vs. Canucks Game 3: Aaron Rome Vicious Hit on Nathan Horton

Worst Playground Equipment Ever?

Failed Food Pyramid Redesigns

I'm glad they settled on the Food Plate. (Buzzfeed)

Why Not Have a 100% Estate Tax?

Why do we allow inheritance at all? (TheAtlantic)

Settlers of Catan: the New Monopoly

Invented in 1995, it's finally catching on. (TheAtlantic)

The Ronald Reagan Tax Reform Act of 2011

Republicans should embrace their idol's tax reform if they want to actually pass something. (HuffingtonPost)

2011 MLB Draft Review

4 pitchers taken with the 1st 4 picks. (SI)

Yankees vs. Red Sox First Place Showdown

As usual, a playoff atmosphere swirls around a Yankees-Red Sox series. (ESPN)

The Stimulus Worked

Eliot Spitzer says the President should stop apologizing for his economic policies. (Slate)

Daily Show: John Oliver on Sarah Palin Bus Tour

Colbert Report: Food Plate Replaces Food Pyramid

Monday, June 6, 2011

Colbert Report: Paul Revere Historical Reenactment According to Sarah Palin

"For those who say it's implausible for Revere to have ridden a horse while ringing a bell and firing multiple warning shots from a front loading musket..."- Stephen Colbert

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Paul Revere Story

NY Post on Anthony Weiner: Erections Have Consequences

As usual, the NY Post pulls no punches. (NYPost)

Rachel Maddow: Anthony Weiner Political Sex Scandal Consequence-o-Meter

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

New Yorker: Longfellow Paul Revere Poem as Edited by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin stands her ground so the poem must change. (NewYorker)

Anthony Weiner Twitter Press Conference Video

New Era Yankees Red Sox Alec Baldwin John Krasinski Commercial Part 3

Woman Kicked Off Train After 16 Hour Cell Phone Conversation

She should get an award for endurance. (Someecards)

The Onion: NHL Fines Ozzie Guillen Just to See If He'd Pay

They could use the added revenue. (TheOnion)

FOX News Uses Tina Fey Picture as Sarah Palin

Weinergate Takes a Turn for the Worse

Why don't these politicians understand that private conduct of public officials will not remain private? (HuffingtonPost)

Millionaires Not Using Tax Cuts to Create Jobs

Some anecdotes to dispute the highly dubious claim that millionaires need tax cuts to create jobs. (HuffingtonPost)

Heat vs. Mavericks Game 3: Chalmers Buzzer Beater Should Not Have Counted

Huge blunder? (YahooSports)

SI Jon Heyman 2011 MLB Mock Draft June 6

Lots of pitchers at the top of the board; the draft is 7 PM tonight. (SI)

Amphibious Ice Cream Truck in London

Donald Trump Foreign Policy Award for Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan decided to take on foreign policy to no avail. (ForeignPolicy)

Palin Supporters Try to Edit Wikipedia to Match Her Paul Revere Story

When you don't have the facts on your side, change the facts. (Slate)

Vouchercare is Not Medicare

Paul Krugman balks at Republican complaints about how their plan is being described. (NYTimes)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twitter Guide for Politicians and Other Famous People

Read it. Learn it. Tweet responsibly. (DailyKos)

60 Minutes: High Frequency Computer Stock Trading

Movie Trailer: Horrible Bosses

Obama 2012 Campaign Strategy

Looking to win the same states as 2008 except Indiana. (NYTimes)

Cuddle Club: Fight Club Parody

Eat This Not That: Restaurant Dessert Disasters

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sarah Palin Denies Being Wrong About Paul Revere

Even under her version, she's still half right at best. (WashingtonPost)

Sarah Palin Social Studies Gaffes

Not the first time she's botched something important about American history or politics. (Ranker)

The 2% Economy

How the economic growth rate has huge implications. (Time)

Sunday Cartoon: Washington vs. Natural Disasters

Is John Edwards a Criminal?

He admits being a cheater, but is he a criminal? (Slate)

Tea Party Fantasy Nation is Pakistan

Like the Tea Party? Move to Pakistan. (NYTimes)

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