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Saturday, April 23, 2011

If Fables Told the Truth

Real lessons learned. (Cracked)

St. Louis Airport Tornado Video

How Americans See Europe

TFD: Best Posts of April

Best of 2011 updated through April. (TFD)

Jimmy Kimmel: Week in Unnecessary Censorship April 21

Ducks Bobby Ryan Scores Amazing Goal vs. Nashville Predators

Brandon Marshall Stabbed by His Wife

Trouble follows him everywhere he goes. (ESPN)

Movie Trailer: Monopoly

Purdue Rube Goldberg Machine Goes Through History

Rachel Maddow: Dictator vs. Disfunction: Michigan Schools Shut Down by Financial Martial Law

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Walt Frazier Ridiculous Suit Compilation

Known for his expressions and his outfits. (Sportsgrid)

The Onion: 49ers Want to Use Draft Picks For Something Other Than Football Players

With the lockout looming, might as well invest in something useful. (TheOnion)

Mets Fans Wearing Paper Bags in Shame

Only April and they've already given up. (Deadspin)

3 Words: Millionaires and Billionaires

The phrase that is going to win the tax battle for President Obama? (TheAtlantic)

Saturday Cartoon: Patriotism

2012 Senate Rankings

Democrats playing a lot of defense. (WashingtonPost)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Community: A Leprechaun Took Our Clothes

Jon Kyl Erases Lie About Planned Parenthood from Congressional Record

Not intended to be an existing statement. (HuffingtonPost)

Oregon Football Military Camouflage Uniforms

Just when you thought Oregon football uniforms couldn't get any more ridiculous. (SI)

NFL Draft: Blaine Gabbert vs. Cameron Newton

Who should go #1? (ESPN)

Beggar Bot: High-Tech Charity

Would you give money to a charity robot? (FastCompany)

Conan: NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk

The Office: Rent Song for Michael's Goodbye

The Onion: 2011 NFL Mock Draft

The Redskins stick to their usual pick. (TheOnion)

The Office: April 21: The Dundies and Rent Song

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2012 MLB Playoffs Likely to Expand to 10 Teams

Terrible terrible terrible terrible idea. (SI)

Lions Mane Jellyfish: Largest in the World

Stay out of the water. (TheWeek)

Larry Sabato 2012 Presidential Map

Looks pretty accurate so far.

How the UK Views the US


Alec Baldwin and Brian Williams 30 Rock Cartoon

When is Brian Williams going to quit his news job and become a comedic actor? (Mediaite)

The Onion: Mitt Romney Haunted by Past of Trying to Help Uninsured Sick People

What a horrible stain on his record, trying to help people. (TheOnion)

MLB Power Rankings April 21

The Indians and Royals have been surprisingly good. (SI)

Peter King 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Who they will pick and who they should pick. (SI)

Person to Person Lending

Taking on banks and credit card companies. (Slate)

The Next Ron Paul

Gary Johnson picks up the Ron Paul mantle in the Republican field. (Slate)

Is Game of Thrones Racist?

Is it possible to be racist toward a race that doesn't exist? (Slate)

CBS NY Times Republican Presidential Poll

Still waiting for someone to emerge from the pack. (NYTimes)

Painful Second Overtime Ending to Rangers vs. Capitals Game 4

Jimmy Kimmel: It's 4/20 Charlie Brown and the Great Pothead

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phillies Fans Boo Robot That Bounces Ball on First Pitch

Phillies fan will boo anyone...or anything. (FOX)

Draft Countdown 2011 NFL Mock Draft April 20

Cam Newton moves into the top spot. (DraftCountdown)

6 Famous Figures Known Only By Their Nicknames

Neither Wild Bill nor Billy the Kid were named William. (Cracked)

Jimmy Kimmel: John Boehner Cancels Cinco de Mayo

Employer Kills 4/20 Celebration with Drug Test

All 214 Blake Griffin Dunks in 2010-2011

Honest Anti-Marijuana PSAs

Marijuana: not harmless. (CollegeHumor)

10 Commandments of Sports Talk Radio Hosts

The host is always right even when proven wrong. (SportsPickle)

Mets Writer Gives Up: Blah Blah Mets Got Spanked

It's only April and the Mets have become tiresome to watch. (Sportsgrid)

The Onion: BP Ready to Resume Oil Spilling

It took a year but they're back on track. (TheOnion)

The Onion: UN Evicted from Headquarters

How will they carry out their conspiracy plots against Republicans now? (TheOnion)

Knicks vs. Celtics Game 2: Just 1 Starter on the Court

Carmelo almost beat the Celtics with 4 scrubs as his supporting cast. (NYMagazine)

BP Oil Spill: I Know What You Spilled Last Summer

McRecovery: 50000 New McDonald's Jobs

Publicity stunt or sign of recovery? (CSMonitor)

Foodies Invade Baseball Stadiums

Crepes and chorizo in one hand, glove on the other. (FastCompany)

Sports Geoengineering

The World Cup Robocloud and other ways sports defy nature. (PopSci)

The Silent Death of Roe v. Wade

State bills defying Roe v. Wade are going unchallenged. (Slate)

Bipartisan Support for Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate

They don't pay it anyway so might as well cut the rate to make it look better. (LATimes)

The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother

The largely untold story of Ann Dunham. I can't wait to read the part where she has a baby in Kenya and conspires with her parents to put a fake birth announcement in the paper in 1961 so 50 years later her son can be president. (NYTimes)

Conan: Sanjay Gupta Talks Sex and Parents

Conan: Tina Fey Pregnant with Lava Monster

Conan: Updated Nicolas Cage Movie Terror Alert System

2011 NFL Weekly Game Schedule

Weekly schedule and the best games. (Weekly)(BestGames)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heat vs. 76ers Game 2: Lebron One Handed Alley Oop Dunk

Papa Johns Royal Wedding Pizza

Wow... (Courier-Journal)

If Locals Got to Name Their Baseball Teams

The Arizona one is a little harsh. (SportsPickle)

Gary Busey Endorses Donald Trump for President

$100,000 to Drop Out of Harvard

Forget college, start a business. (AndrewSullivan)

Effective Tax Rate for the 400 Richest Americans

DOJ Attacking the Least Dangerous Criminals

Is online poker really a priority for America? (TheAtlantic)

Top 10 Chain Restaurants

Arby's must've just missed the list. (HuffingtonPost)

Reds Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Throws 106 MPH

Or at least he might've. (MLB)

Best Cornerbacks in the NFL

Welcome to Revis Island. (ESPN)

Debt Ceiling Chart


Donald Trump: The Joke is on Republicans

What does it say about the rest of the field that he's winning? (LATimes)

Jon Huntsman: From Obama Employee to President?

In a Republican primary where the current leader is embracing birtherism and other conspiracy theories, I'm not sure why Jon Huntsman thinks he has a chance. (NYTimes)

Rachel Maddow: Benton Harbor, Michigan Taken Over by Rick Snyder's Financial Martial Law

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Jimmy Kimmel: Celebrity Apprentice Gary Busey and Cow and Chicken Cartoon

Craig Ferguson: Tina Fey Interview

Monday, April 18, 2011

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Birther Bill

Jan Brewer isn't willing to step into the crackpot birther crowd. (Mediaite)

Tiger Woods' Niece As Good as Tiger?

Cheyenne Woods, looks like Tiger, plays like Tiger. (Sportsgrid)

Peter King NFL Draft Preview

Carolina Panthers are on the clock. (SI)

Bernie Sanders Guide to Corporate Freeloaders

You pay taxes so they don't have to. (Buzzfeed)

Movie Scenes That Were Surprisingly Not CGI Assisted

Sometimes Hollywood does real things. (Cracked)

Donald Trump Supported Universal Healthcare

Oops. (PoliticalWire)

United States of Food

Metro New York: Jesus Saves Celtics

Sarah Palin: Union Member

She's back at it, this time with an exaggeration instead of her usual blatant lying. (AndrewSullivan)

Barack Obama Reelection Report Card

Grading his chances. (TheAtlantic)

Everybody Lies

The sad lack of honesty that damages America at every level. (Newsweek)

Facebook Business Infographic

Things you (maybe) wanted to know about Facebook. (FastCompany)

Did the Iraq Surge Actually Work?

Not the obvious yes that pandering politicians would have you believe. (ForeignPolicy)

The Case for Rationing Healthcare

A lot of money is spent for little benefit. (LATimes)

Dismantling the New Deal

Republicans are using their 2010 wins to destroy decades of liberal policy. (NYTimes)

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