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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Police Blotter

Criminals are stupid, regular people are stupid too. (HuffingtonPost)

Jim McGovern: Defund FOX News

Iron Chef Chairman to Play Villain on Hawaii Five-O

The secret ingredient is...murder? (IMDB)

Simple NCAA Tournament Bracket: Basketball vs. Work

Obama Bracket: 29-3 in 1st Round

President Obama's picks put him in the top 500 on ESPN. (ESPN) His bracket: (ESPN)

Saturday Cartoon: PBS

Law School Bubble Bursts

Applications for law school finally drop. (Slate)

Nuclear Power: Price Too High

Do the benefits outweigh the dangers? (NYTimes)

Bill Maher: Republican Distractions, Like Governing With a Meth Addict

Friday, March 18, 2011

Supermoon March 19: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years, Did Not Cause Japan Earthquake

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Supermoon. (NationalGeographic)

Retractable Kitchen Island Controlled by iPhone

Is there anything an iPhone can't do?

CNN Priorities: Royal Wedding Over Japan Earthquake

CNN once again demonstrates what they really care about...ratings. (Buzzfeed)

Arizona vs. Memphis: Derrick Williams Game Winning Block Video

End of George Mason vs. Villanova Game: Gus Johnson Crazy as Always

Flowchart: Is Your Bracket Busted?

How many final four picks do you have left? (SportsPickle)

CNN California Map: San Francisco and Los Angeles Screw Up

Ron Paul on Defunding Afghanistan Not NPR

Dwayne Roloson Great Midair Stick Save vs. Canadiens

Friday Cartoon: March Madness

To the Person Who Stole My Lean Pockets


Anthony Weiner Mocks Republicans Defunding NPR Video

The Onion: Quick-Lube Shop Has Electronic Records Before Medical Industry

Maybe it's time for hospitals to enter the 21st century. (TheOnion)

Tim Pawlenty Fake Southern Accent

Tim Pawlenty may have surpassed Mitt Romney on the shameless pandering scale. (MPR)

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Bingo Card

When your bracket is busted, turn to Bingo for entertainment. (TheAtlantic)

NCAA vs. NBA Debate

Which one is superior? (TheAtlantic)

SAT Question Asks About Reality TV

I don't understand why this is a controversy. Why does it matter what the topic is? (HuffingtonPost)

Rick Pitino and Louisville Mascot Sad About Upset Loss

Duke's Kyrie Irving Returns for NCAA Tournament

They were #1 when he played in the fall, back to #1 now? (SI)

Government Regulation Ruining Washing Machines?

What's more important? Energy efficiency or product quality? (WSJ)

March Madness: Dictators vs. Democrats Tournament Bracket

Foreign Policy makes their own tournament to rule the world. (ForeignPolicy)

Visa Person to Person Payment System

Great idea. (Slate)

Movie Review: Lincoln Lawyer

Obviously, the book was better. (LATimes)

Light Bulb Politics

Suddenly incandescent light bulbs are the best thing since sliced bread. (NYTimes)

Movie Review: Limitless

Probably a better concept than movie. (NYTimes)

Jay Leno: Rainn Wilson Irish Jig and Pinching Fetish

Jimmy Kimmel: Flintstones and St. Patrick's Day Cartoon

Thursday, March 17, 2011

NY Post: New Yorkers' Top Annoyances: Hipsters

Temple Game Winning Shot vs. Penn State Video

Kentucky Game Winning Layup by Knight vs. Princeton Video

Conan Prize Patrol Commercial

Morehead State 3 Pointer to Upset Louisville Video

Independent Voters Prefer Charlie Sheen to Sarah Palin

"We've found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by 1 point in Nebraska to name a few. But this has to be the worst- independent voters say they would support Charlie Sheen over Palin for President by a 41/36 margin. Seriously. Despite her deficit with independents Palin does lead Sheen 49-29 overall. We also tested Barack Obama against Sheen and the President leads 57-24."- Public Policy Polling

The Top 1% vs. The Bottom 90%

Butler Buzzer Beater Layup by Howard vs. Old Dominion Video

One Shining Moment: Animals Playing Basketball

The tournament anthem for animals. (Deadspin)

Dwyane Wade Two Handed Dunk vs. Thunder

Lisa Lampanelli and Jeff Ross Can't Roast Daniel Tosh

Craig Ferguson: St. Patrick's Day

NCAA Tournament Mascot Analysis

For those who pick based on mascots, get your expert analysis here. (SportsPickle)

Pay College Athletes

Jalen Rose advocates paying players. (HuffingtonPost)

Pepsi Green Plastic Bottle

Now the bottle is probably healthier than its contents. (LATimes)

What Would Jesus Do Cartoon

Why 12 Seeds Upset 5 Seeds Every Year

The NCAA tournament's annual tradition: 12s beating 5s. (SI)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When the President Goes Out to Eat

The President isn't your normal restaurant customer. (WashingtonPost)

20 Bizarre Books on Amazon

Weirdly high number of books about farting. (Buzzfeed)

Chocolatology Bracket: America's Best Candy Bar

March Madness: Diabetes Edition. (Chocolatology)

March Madness Television Schedule

Times and channels for all the games. (NCAA)

Deadspin: Hater's Guide to March Madness

Breaking down the 68 teams...with insults. (Deadspin)

Update: Part 2. (Deadspin)

Glenn Beck Retells the Three Little Pigs Story

Do they drug test him before each show? If not, they should start.

ESPN Joe Lunardi March Madness Bracket Picks

Lunardi agrees with President Obama on the boring all #1 final four. (ESPN)

FOX News Complains About Barack Obama Filling Out March Madness Bracket

So predictable...

Javale McGee: Worst Triple Double Ever?

Charlie Sheen Venn Diagram


40% of Millionaires Think They're Not Rich

Self awareness fail. (HuffingtonPost)

The Onion: Man Arrested for Posing as Peyton Manning for Commercials

The Onion: Carlos Beltran Has Impressive Day Not Falling Apart

First time since 2008. (TheOnion)

Karma: Guy Kicks Soccer Ball Into Own Face

Baracketology: Barack Obama NCAA March Madness Bracket

Michigan's Plan to Take Over Local Governments

Legal or illegal? (Slate)

Why It's Called March Madness

I would have guessed it's to describe Dick Vitale's state of insanity because he doesn't work for CBS and can't announce the games. (Slate)

Roast of Donald Trump: Snoop Dogg

Warning: language and content

Roast of Donald Trump: Jeff Ross

Warning: language and content

Roast of Donald Trump: Whitney Cummings

Warning: language and content

Roast of Donald Trump: Seth MacFarlane

Warning: language and content

Roast of Donald Trump: Larry King

Warning: language and content

Roast of Donald Trump: Lisa Lampanelli

Warning: language and content

Seth Davis NCAA Tournament Bracket

How did Florida get such an easy draw? (SI)

Five Thirty Eight: Being an 8 or 9 Seed in the NCAA Tournament

You're better off as a lower seed than getting an 8 or 9. (FiveThirtyEight)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nice Parking Business Cards


Barack Obama March Madness Bracket Picks

The President takes all 4 #1s in the NCAA tournament. (ESPN)

Update: Click here for the video.

Hipster Indie Super Mario Brothers

Wile E Coyote 127 Hours

Best Boss Ever NCAA Tournament Memo

Good luck finding a boss like this. (SportsPickle)

House Shoots a Hooker with a Bow and Arrow

Come on Carnell, you need to control your hotel guest better. (Gawker)

Tax Expenditures Cost More Than Medicare and Social Security

Really Happy Nets Fan

Coolest Name in the NCAA Tournament Bracket

Is Jimmer the odds on favorite? (ESPN)

March Madness Drinking Game

A way to make things better when your bracket is busted. (Esquire)

Restaurants Posting Calorie Counts

Does it actually help? (Slate)

March Madness Bargain Pick: Texas

If you want to be respectable, pick the favorites. If you want to win, pick Texas. (Slate)

Will Gasoline Hit $5 Per Gallon?

How long until gasoline prices hit a new high? (LATimes)

March Madness: Does Duke's Fate Hinge on Kyrie Irving?

Waiting to see if Kyrie Irving will play in the tournament. (NYTimes)

The Onion: Justin Bieber Responds to the Fans and Haters

In the grand scheme of things, obsessing over a 17 year old singer is not a big deal. (TheOnion)

Family Feud: Name a Country Known for Its Breathtaking Scenery

Fast Money:
Contestant 1: "Paris."
Contestant 2: "Paris." "London."

The Soup: Craig Ferguson's Geoff the Robot

Geoff the Robot makes a guest appearance on The Soup with Joel McHale. (Gawker)

Brazilian Police Officer Freaks Out After News Interview

Wall Street Journal March Madness Blind Bracket

Pick the winners based on team profiles without knowing who the teams are. (WSJ)

Monday, March 14, 2011

US News Law School Rankings

UVA back to leading Duke; order has been restored in the world. In other big news, Texas moves into a tie for 14th, breaking the T14 magic circle. (USNews)

Dumbest Facebook Status Ever: Japan Earthquake and Google Earth


Bully Wearing Jorts Gets a Body Slam

Happy Pi Day

Have a pie for Pi Day. (PiDay)

Kids Choose Cartoons Not Taste and Sugary Cereal

Want kids to eat healthy foods? Put cartoons on them. (GoodFood)

Earthquakes: Is San Francisco Next?

Is California ready for a powerful earthquake? (Newsweek)

James O'Keefe Deceptively Edits NPR Sting Video

More fraud from James O'Keefe? (HuffingtonPost)

March Madness Regional Breakdowns

Quality summaries of every team and region. (East)(Southwest)(Southeast)(West)

The 6 Ways to Fill Out Your Bracket

All 6 lead to inevitable failure. (MidwestSportsFans)

Sunday Cartoon: Unions

Forgot to post one yesterday.

Mascots and Colors NCAA March Madness Bracket

A bracket for those that don't pick their brackets on the quality of the teams. (Slate)

Amazon Sales Tax

Amazon is being pressured to collect taxes to help out state governments. (NYTimes)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket

68 teams, 1 winner (SI)

Five Thirty Eight: March Madness Bracket Projection

Playing the odds instead of the instincts. (FiveThirtyEight)

Tonight's Forecast Dark Bracket Challenge

Compete for the respect of complete strangers. (ESPN)

Bracketology 101 Final Bracket

Duke beats out Notre Dame for the last #1. (Bracketology101)

Selection Sunday: Bracketology Television Schedule for Tonight

6-7 PM EST- Selection Sunday (CBS)
7-9 PM EST- Bracketology Analysis Show (ESPN)
9-11 PM EST- College GameNight Bracketology (ESPN2)

SNL: Canadian Hollywood Celebrity Gossip Show

Princeton vs. Harvard Trash Talk Scoreboard

Daredevil Penguin Jump

Roger Goodell Cuts Salary to $1 for Lockout

Commitment to the cause. (Deadspin)

ESPN and SI College Basketball Bubble Watch March 13

9 hours to Selection Sunday. (ESPN)(SI)

ESPN Joe Lunardi Bracketology March 13

Notre Dame hangs onto that 1 seed for now. (ESPN)

SNL: Scared Straight: Hannibal, Home Alone, The King's Speech, and The Hangover

SNL: High Fructose Corn Syrup Commercial

SNL: Titanic Captain

Madison Orpheum Theater: Scott Walker in Total Recall

SNL: March Madness Craziness Bracket

SNL: Zach Galifianakis Annie Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Monologue

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