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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie Trailer: X-Men First Class

Family Feud: Name a Celebrity With a Big Mouth

Family Feud: The Big One

Craig Ferguson: Cursing Bunny is Not a Corporate Whore

Jimmy Kimmel: Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Saturday Cartoon

Ideology Masked as Responsibility

Most Republicans don't believe in cutting spending; they believe in cutting just the programs they don't like. (NYTimes)

The End of Democracy

While democracy rises in the Middle East, it slowly disappears in America. (NYTimes)

CBS Cares Valentine's Day Testicular Cancer Family Jewels Commercial

What the hell?

Alaska Aces Valentine's Day Uniform

Friday, February 11, 2011

Community: Chang is Homeless and So Are His Hermit Crabs

Valentine's Day Graphs

Charting the effects of Valentine's Day. (Buzzfeed)

Bill O'Reilly You Can't Explain That Posters

Mocking Bill O'Reilly. (Buzzfeed)

The Onion: Cleveland Cavaliers Scared Straight Program

Saving kids before it's too late. (TheOnion)

An Inside Look at the Secret Service

An in-depth report on those who protect the President. (TheAtlantic)

2045: When Computers Take Over

35 years until machines become smarter than humans. (Time)

New York City Residential Pyramid

Welcome to the future. (HuffingtonPost)

2012 London Olympic Stadium: West Ham

I guess that means something to people that follow Premier League. (HuffingtonPost)

Tupac Lives to Bother Pac-10

The Pac-10 wants to become the Pac-12 but a Tupac fan is blocking them from getting the domain name. (YahooSports)

Seth Davis NCAA Weekend Picks

1st loss for the Buckeyes? (SI)

Joe Lunardi: ESPN Bracketology 2/11

Big 12 gets 2 teams at #1. (ESPN)

Universal High Speed Internet Access

Sparking innovation. (CSMonitor)

This is Jeopardy

All things Jeopardy and Trebek. (Slate)

Fructose vs. Glucose

Is high fructose corn syrup really the same as regular sugar? (LATimes)

Current TV: Bar Karma

Viewer controlled content. (NYTimes)

Conan: Seth MacFarlane

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl Flyover Cost $450,000

Worth it? (YahooSports)

Landry Fields Works at Modells

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

Ohio State remains at #1. (SI)

Previewing Nebraska in the Big 10

Cornhuskers to the rescue? (ESPN)

NCAA Suspends Wake Forest Baseball Player for Receiving Kidney

Coaches aren't supposed to give valuable gifts to players (note: this is a joke story). (SportsPickle)

March Madness: All Games Televised, Staggered Start Times

All basketball, all day, multiple channels. (SI)

Family Feud Moment of the Day: Name a Reason Your Wife Hasn't Talked to You in 3 Hours

#3 Answer: She's dead.

Rutgers vs. Villanova 4 Point Play to Win

Conan: Groupon Saddam Hussein BP Oil Spill Commercials

Pop vs. Coke vs. Soda Map

FOX Nation Asks Why White Males Aren't Being Considered for Supreme Court

The Seven Types of iPhone Owners

With the Verizon iPhone coming out, they will only grow in numbers. (Buzzfeed)

The Onion: Blake Griffin Makes Dunk From 20 Feet Away

Perhaps some people might refer to it as a jumpshot. (TheOnion)

Worst Non-Goal Call Ever?

Skyscrapers are Green

Skyscrapers are better than sprawl for the environment. (TheAtlantic)

Tea Party Primary Challenges: Hatch and Lugar

Fight for your beliefs or if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? (CSMonitor)

Mitt Romney: GOP Frontrunner

Every time it looks like the Republicans will nominate a fresh face, they go back to the person next in line. (LATimes)

Chris Dodd Turns to Hollywood Lobbying

So much for his promise not to become a lobbyist. (LATimes)

Fake Twitter Accounts

But real laughs. (NYTimes)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UNC vs. Duke Preview- 9 PM EST, ESPN

Previewing the biggest rivalry game in college basketball. (SI)

Drunk Man Climbs Tree to Escape Pumas

"A drunk man who said he was being chased Tuesday morning by a pack of pumas climbed a tree in South Pasadena to escape them and got stuck, police said. The pumas, it turns out, were imaginary." (LATimes)

Conan: Deon Cole Black His Stories

Conan: Craig Ferguson

AMC Silence is Golden at Movie Theater

The Onion: Al Qaeda Given Free Pass for Bombing of Carnival Cruise Ship

Who could blame them? (TheOnion)

NBA Apology MVP Letter to Lebron James

After watching the Cavaliers lose 25 games in a row, the NBA has decided to retroactively name Lebron James the MVP for every season he played in Cleveland. (SportsPickle)

Scott Brown RINO Hunt

The Tea Party is already tired of their original darling, Scott Brown. (Newsweek)

Daniel Tosh Unaired Super Bowl WNBA Commercial

Speculatron 2012

Looking at the 2012 contenders. (HuffingtonPost)

Jim Webb Retiring, George Allen Returns

Tim Kaine or Tom Perriello, time to step up? (HuffingtonPost)

NFL Mock Draft 2/9

Da'Quan Bowers goes #1. (YahooSports)

UConn Johnny McEntee: Trick Shot Quarterback

How the Eagles Helped the Packers Win the Super Bowl

If the Eagles hadn't come back from 21 down in the 4th quarter against the Giants, the Packers likely would've missed the playoffs. (SI)

Think You Know the USA?

Take the geography quiz. (CSMonitor)

Catholic Church Confession iPhone App

How remorseful do you really feel if you can't be troubled to actually go to the church? (PopSci)

Drunk Bears at the Baghdad Zoo

This is why we fight. (ForeignPolicy)

A Unified Theory of Beer Commercials

Stupid or clever? (Slate)

Cooley Law School Rankings

I guess I should've gone to Cooley. Despite not ranking in the top 100 in US News, did you know it's actually the (self-proclaimed) 2nd best law school in the country? (Cooley)

Rachel Maddow: Authoritarian vs. Libertarian Conservatism

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Conan: Groupon Osama Bin Laden and Native Americans Commercials

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Urban Ministries of Durham

Tired of those evil people not paying any tax dollars? Take the challenge and try to live like one. (Playspent)

Bill O'Reilly Interrupts Obama 43 Times During Super Bowl Interview

ESPN NCAA Bubble Watch

About a month to go in the regular season. (ESPN)

Conan: Groupon Hindenburg Commercial

The Onion: Apple Fans Cut Off Hands in Anticipation of iHand

Apple Fans Chopping Off Hands In Anticipation Of New iHand

The Onion: Future History Students Embarrassed By How Long It Took To Legalize Gay Marriage

Probably true. (TheOnion)

Ed Helms Impression of Tom Brokaw and Al Gore

The Tom Brokaw one is particularly good. (Gawker)

Self Driving Cars

Advancements in car technology. (TheAtlantic)

The GOP's Gay Problem

Embrace or expel? (TheAtlantic)

Groupon Poorly Defends Tibet Commercial

Predictable but weak defense. (Time)

Bristol Palin Might Run for Political Office

God save us all if that day comes. (HuffingtonPost)

Notre Dame Football Resurgence

A good end of the season + a good recruiting class. Hope in South Bend? (SI)

Super Bowl Stats: Pick Six Teams Undefeated

No team with an interception returned for a touchdown has lost a Super Bowl. (ESPN)

Trusted Traveler Airport Security Program

Creating a tiered system of airport security. (NYTimes)

Government Shutdown

Someone call Newt Gingrich. (NYTimes)

TV Review: The Chicago Code

A surprisingly good show that rises above the average cop show by making corruption a major theme instead of episodic solving of murders. (LATimes)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Ozzy Osbourne What's a Bieber Commercial

Super Bowl Audi Rich People Prison Commercial with Kenny G

Family Feud: Name a Kind of Crack

Nike Free Yourself Sports Tricks Commercial

SportsNation Gives Black Eyed Peas an F for Halftime Show

The Onion: Puppy Bowl Marred by Tragic Spinal Injury

Injuries are a part of the game. (TheOnion)

Family Feud: Name Something That Gets Passed Around

Super Bowl 2011 Breaks TV Ratings Record

No official numbers yet but it beat last year and had a 71 share. (YahooSports)

Super Bowl: Cameron Diaz Feeds Alex Rodriguez Popcorn

I'm guessing this scene didn't help his image. Nice work, FOX.

Ronald Reagan 2012

Do any of the candidates stack up to their idol? (CSMonitor)

Slate Super Bowl Commercial Review

The best and worst of Super Bowl Sunday. (Slate)

Phony Solutions to Real Problems

The problem with social conservatives. (LATimes)

Obama the Realist

In the shadow of George HW Bush. (NYTimes)

Never Waste a Good Crisis

Using the economic crisis to push through ideological changes. (NYTimes)

Peter King Super Bowl Monday Morning QB

The Lombardi trophy returns to Titletown. (SI)

AOL Huffington Post Merger

Old media continues to eat new media. (HuffingtonPost)

Nicholas Cage Movie Matrix

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Volkswagen Star Wars Darth Vader Kid Commercial

Watch and Vote on All of the Super Bowl Commercials on Hulu

Watch and vote like or dislike for all of the commercials. (Hulu)

Super Bowl Bridgestone Beaver Karma Commercial

Super Bowl Chrysler Eminem Imported From Detroit Commercial

Super Bowl Pepsi Max Love Hurts a Blonde Jogger Commercial

Insensitive Timothy Hutton Groupon Tibet Super Bowl Commercial

Congrats on taking the heat off the Kenneth Cole Twitter flop?

Obama and O'Reilly Super Bowl Pregame Interview Video

Packers Anthem: Green and Yellow

Conan: Lingerie Puppy Bowl

New York City Timelapse

NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

Super Bowl Cartoon: Steelers vs. Packers

2 more here.

Bill O'Reilly's Conclusory Reasoning or Stunning Ignorance of Science

Is it that he thinks anything that can't be explained is automatically proof of God or does he actually not understand science? (AndrewSullivan)

Cockpit View of Landing a Plane in Los Angeles

Why You Should Root for the Packers

The fans need the win. (Time)

Carmelo to Knicks Talk Heats Up Again

Back from the dead again. (ESPN)

Super Bowl Quiz

How well do you know the big game? (CSMonitor)

What's On TV Besides the Super Bowl?

For those weird 200 million Americans that don't watch the Super Bowl. (LATimes) And a less serious perspective on it. (SportsPickle)

Donald Rumsfeld: Blaming Everyone But Himself

His addition to the revisionist history of the Bush years. (NYTimes)

Super Bowl Time and Channel

If you've been hiding under a rock...Super Bowl XLV, Steelers vs. Packers, 6:29 PM EST on FOX.

SNL: Church Lady and Justin Bieber Dance

SNL: Wayne's World Oscar Picks: Winter's Bone

SNL: Celebrity Teen Crisis Hotline with Eddie Murphy and Ice-T

SNL: The Roommate Trailer with Justin Bieber and Andy Samberg

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