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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Movie Trailer: Limitless

Lexus Christmas Commercial Parody

Richard Branson Tackles Climate Change

Add another item to his agenda. (Newsweek)

College Basketball Power Rankings

Duke is still the team to beat. (SI)

NBA Christmas Day Preview

Bulls vs. Knicks and Celtics vs. Magic open for Heat vs. Lakers. (ESPN)

Christmas Cartoon

Million Dollar Money Drop Post-It Controversy

FOX's new game show is only on for a week but caused a big controversy. (NYTimes)

Saving Their Own Jobs

Members of Congress aren't facing re-election in 2011 but some are still fighting to keep their seats during redistricting. (NYTimes)

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Anti-Palin

Kamala Harris, the new Attorney General of California. (Politico)

Craig Ferguson: Kathy Griffin

Christmas Trees: Kidnapped From the Forest

Best Christmas Cards of the Year

From Someecards. (HuffingtonPost)

Jon Stewart is America's Journalist

Why is a comedy central host a better journalist than most actual journalists? (HuffingtonPost)

Dave Tollefson's Mom Calls Him Out For Injury

Giants' lineman Dave Tollefson's mom didn't come all the way from California to watch him ride the pines. (YahooSports)

Strange But True Injuries of MLB 2010

I think Kendry Morales breaking his leg celebrating a walk-off home run wins. (ESPN)

Best Sports Signs of 2010

The top 25. (SI)

Overlooked Stories of 2010

Too busy covering Sarah Palin's tweets to notice. (CSMonitor)

Energy Independence

Green energy is patriotic. (LATimes)

Humbug Politics

Get ready for more austerity talk from Republican presidential hopefuls. (NYTimes)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peter King Week 16 NFL Picks

Likely do or die game for the Giants and Packers. (SI)

Bill Simmons Week 16 NFL Picks

He takes the Panthers +15 tonight. (ESPN) Apparently the rest will go up tomorrow on his Twitter page instead of ESPN? (Twitter)

Blake Griffin Alley Oop Dunk

Sarah Palin Wins Misinformer of the Year

Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

There's no accounting for taste. (Newsweek)

Worst Fast Food of 2010

So many to choose from. (HuffingtonPost)

Best Viral Videos of 2010

Idaho State Crazy Free Throw

Cleveland Fan Warns of Danger of Paper Airplanes

Great response to a fan's concerns. (SI)

Virtual Christmas Dinner

The magic of technology. (LATimes)

NY Times 2010 Year in Pictures

Visions of a tough year. (NYTimes)

What Does Middle Class Mean?

92% of America thinks it's middle class. (NYTimes)

Harry Reid Has Eaten Our Lunch

The shocking success of the Lame Duck session. (NYTimes)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Democrats Unanimously Support Senate Rules Reform

Big changes coming at the start of the next Senate session? Cutting Senate obstructionism would cause huge changes in American politics. (NationalJournal)

Danny MacAskill: Amazing Bike Tricks

SI NFL Playoff Projections

Going out on a limb picking the 49ers to win the division. (SI)

More Russian Bungee Jumping

Turkoglu Rejected by Rim

Ignorance Test

Are you qualified to debate this topic? (AndrewSullivan)

Banks vs. Supermarkets: Why One Big Line is Better

Nerdy but interesting...

2011 in Sports

13 stories to watch for. (TheAtlantic)

What's a Sugar Plum?

Apple Jacks don't have apples, sugar plums don't have plums. (TheAtlantic)

What's a Good Teacher Worth?

$400,000? (TheAtlantic)

Best Signs of December

The top 10. (HuffingtonPost)

LA NFL Stadium Proposals

Downtown vs. the Boonies. (YahooSports)

Hail Mary of the Year

Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

Who's better? (SI)

SI: The Year in Sports

The year that real life met sports. (SI)

Are You Smarter Than a FOX News Viewer?

Take the quiz. (CSMonitor)

Quirky Christmas Traditions

Christmas around the world. (CSMonitor)

In Christie We Trust

Fighting for austerity. (Slate)

Short Term Gain, Long Term Loss

The census data helps the Republicans now, but they're in trouble in the long term. (Slate)

2010 Technology

This year's advancements in gadgets. (Slate)

Revamping Email

Young people can't handle the taxing experience of typing out a full email. (NYTimes)

Movie Review: True Grit

A little girl avenges her father. (NYTimes)

101 Best Posts of 2010

The cream of the crop from this year. (TFD)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jibjab 2010 Year in Review With Obama and Biden

Best Law School in America

UVA, of course. (TaxProfBlog)

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

The Jets recover from the Miami loss with a big win. (ESPN)

Movie Trailer: Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

Jay Leno: Larry King Does Stand Up Comedy

Grandma Reads 50 Cent's Tweets

The End of Brett Favre

Jury Nullfiication on Drugs

Are people tired of drug possession leading to prison? (AndrewSullivan)

Bring Democracy to America

The US Senate has to stop obstructing democracy. (Time)

The Best Movies of 2010

From the Social Network to Toy Story 3. (Newsweek)

Bears Vikings Fan Walks on the Field

Blake Griffin 360 Layup

Weirdest Stories of 2010

The top 10. (CSMonitor)

Death Penalty Decline

Use of the death penalty is declining but it's unclear why. (CSMonitor)

Still a Socialist?

Can Obama be a socialist if he cuts taxes? (Slate)

Top 10 Worst Predictions of 2010

Oops. (ForeignPolicy)

Handicapping the 2012 Republicans

Narrowing the field from 24 to 5 and further. (LATimes)(Newsweek)

Redistricting Guide

Censuses have consequences. (FiveThirtyEight)

Why are Accountants So Bad?

Things are bad. (NYTimes)

Thank You for the Tax Cut!

Larry David is thankful. (NYTimes)

Monday, December 20, 2010

NFL Playoff Predictions 12/21

AFC: 1. Patriots 2. Steelers 3. Chiefs 4. Colts 5. Ravens 6. Jets
AFC Playoffs: Jets over Chiefs, Ravens over Colts; Patriots over Jets, Ravens over Steelers; Patriots over Ravens

If Aaron Rodgers is healthy for Week 16 and onward:
NFC: 1. Falcons 2. Eagles 3. Bears 4. Rams 5. Saints 6. Packers
NFC Playoffs: Packers over Bears, Saints over Rams; Packers over Falcons, Eagles over Saints; Packers over Eagles
Super Bowl: Patriots over Packers

If he's not:
NFC: 1. Falcons 2. Bears 3. Eagles 4. Rams 5. Saints 6. Giants
NFC Playoffs: Eagles over Giants, Saints over Rams; Falcons over Saints, Eagles over Bears; Falcons over Eagles
Super Bowl: Patriots over Falcons

60 Minutes: Amazing Autobiographical Memories

Dumbest Protest Signs of 2010

The top 40. (Buzzfeed)


Obama Gets Stuff Done

"The results after two years: universal health insurance, the rescue of Detroit, the avoidance of a Second Great Depression, big gains in private sector growth and productivity, three stimulus packages (if you count QE2), big public investments in transport and green infrastructure, the near-complete isolation of Iran, the very public exposure of Israeli intransigence and extremism, a reset with Russia (plus a new START), big drops in illegal immigration and major gains in enforcement, a South Korea free trade pact, the end of torture, and a debt commission that has put fiscal reform squarely back on the national agenda. Oh, and of yesterday, the signature civil rights achievement of ending the military's ban on openly gay servicemembers."- Andrew Sullivan (AndrewSullivan)

The Olive Garden Theory of Mitt Romney

He gives the customers what they want. (TheAtlantic)

David Axelrod on 2012

An interview with Obama's top strategist. (Newsweek)

Tyler Brayton Sideline Hit

Danny Woodhead, Modell's Employee

Pearland Trick Play Touchdown

Sunday Cartoon

Forgot to post one yesterday.

Why College Students Get Long Winter Breaks

Thank you, energy crisis. (Slate)

The End of Caps Lock

WHY? (Slate)

Focusing on Real Government Work

Bringing an end to House votes on honoring and recognizing things that have no relation to governing the country. (LATimes)

Senate Mood Swings

Yet again, the fate of major legislation hangs in the balance based on the mood of Lindsey Graham as opposed to whether he believes it's right or wrong. (NYTimes)

Free Market Fundamentalists

The free market is not a perfect market and it's not a cure-all. (NYTimes)

Patriots Lineman 71 Yard Kick Return vs. Packers

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