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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Arkansas vs. LSU 80 Yard TD Before Halftime

FOX News Reports Onion Story as Real

Apparently someone at FOX Nation doesn't know that the Onion is fake news. (RawStory)

NCAA Bowl Projections

Stanford moves into the BCS picture as Boise State exits. (Sportsline)

Conan: Oprah's Favorite Things

Maybe You Should Rise (Michael Jordan and Lebron James)

Reverse Dictionary

Can't remember a word but know what it means? Try the Reverse Dictionary. (ReverseDictionary)

Saturday Cartoon

Death Penalty Express Lane

How many people has Texas executed on faulty evidence? (LATimes)

They're Not That Smart

Working on Wall Street doesn't mean you know what you're doing. (NYTimes)

Recessions are for the Little People

Two Americas. (NYTimes)

Stunner: Nevada 34, Boise State 31

The Boise State kicker, Brotzman, misses 2 easy field goals and opens the door for the best result out of Nevada since Reid 50, Angle 45. (NYTimes)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bill Simmons' Week 12 Picks

Game of the week: Cardinals vs. 49ers...or maybe Packers vs. Falcons. (ESPN)

Jay Leno: Dealing with the Public

Movie Trailer: Family Guy: It's a Trap

Thanksgiving Cake

One-upping yesterday's Turducken cake. (AndrewSullivan)

Holiday Movie Preview

Beyond Harry Potter. (Newsweek)

Unusual Sports Venues

Football at baseball stadiums, tennis on heli-pads. (SI)

Auburn vs. Alabama Iron Bowl Preview

The showdown of the season. (SI)

Rise of the Body Scanners

Coming soon to trains and boats near you. (PopSci)

Black Friday Cartoon

Future Cell Phones

Turning a wrist watch into a cell phone. (LATimes)

Ending Congressional Honor Resolutions

The House considers stopping this huge waste of time. (LATimes)

Madison Square Garden Spectator Bridges

This doesn't sound dangerous at all. (ESPN)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

SI Weekend Pickoff

Huge Friday slate of games with 1, 2, and 3 playing with their title hopes on the line. (SI)

2008: Sarah Palin's Turkey Slaughter Video

Top 10 Thanksgiving NFL Moments

Craig Ferguson: Cursing Bunny and Secretariat

NBA Jam Trailer

Turducken Cake

Thanksgiving Football Preview

Thanksgiving Day Quiz

Test your knowledge. (CSMonitor)

Thanksgiving Cartoon

The Hammer Comes Down on Tom Delay

Apparently the legal defense of being a typical corrupt politician didn't work; he's going to prison. (NYTimes)

Sweet Potato Rising

The emergence of sweet potato fries. (NYTimes)

ESPN Thanksgiving Dinner Draft

Stuffing at #4 was the steal of the draft. (ESPN)

Peter King Week 12 NFL Picks

Special Thursday edition for Turkey Day. (SI)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sports Turkeys of the Year

Tiger Woods leads the pack. (SI)

New York Post: Derek Jeter on the Red Sox

Jimmy Kimmel: Dominic Monaghan: Turkeys are People Too

David Letterman: Jerry Seinfeld: Everything is Great or Sucks

Cycleball World Cup

Lego History of the USSR

George HW Bush Backs Romney

The Bush family backed Romney in 2008, looks like they're doing it again. (HuffingtonPost)

Guide to Thanksgiving Political Arguments

How to take down your argumentative relatives. (Slate)(ForeignPolicy)

Pardon Power

Barack Obama has not pardoned anyone yet...except a turkey. (NYTimes)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bill Clinton: USA World Cup 2022

Bringing the World Cup back to the US. (SI)

NFL Power Rankings

Still searching for a clear #1. (ESPN)

SNL: Wizard of Oz Rooster

Blake Griffin Dunks on Knicks

Craig Ferguson: Ben Stein

Frenemies: Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin

Competing for the same conservative voters. (TheAtlantic)

Sidney Crosby Puck Pyramid Trick Shot

College Football Power Rankings

Still 4 teams competing for 2 spots at the top. (SI)

JFK Assassination Unanswered Questions

Pondering the unanswerables on the 47th anniversary of his death. (CSMonitor)

Keeping TSA Body Scanners and Privacy

Distort the images. (PopSci)

Text Messages to 911

Catching 911 up to technology. (PopSci)

The US is Too Safe

US security allows crazy positions like opposing nuclear treaties. (ForeignPolicy)

The Next Black Senator

There will be zero in the Senate with Roland Burris' departure. (Slate)

No New Taxes

Reagan raised taxes to compromise; don't expect the same today. (NYTimes)

2010 NFL Parity Circle

Craig Ferguson: French Copycat

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Simpsons: Phony Media Crisis: House Cat Flu

SNL: Four Loko and Organ Blaster

SNL: Miley Cyrus Show with Katie Holmes

Oklahoma's Bogeyman Politics

Sharia law is not invading Oklahoma. (Time)

Anaheim Ducks' Own Goal

The Autocrat Algorithm

Google News is pushing news from state sponsored sources. (ForeignPolicy)

The Cardiac Jets

Another last second win for the Jets. (NYTimes)

The Pilgrims Were Socialists?

Debating Thanksgiving. (NYTimes)

The Chamber of Secrets

Millions and millions of secret dollars being spent on elections and issues. (NYTimes)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cowboys' McCann Punt Return TD vs. Lions

Seymour Knocks Down Roethlisberger

SNL: Sarah Palin's Refudiate? Come On, Dictionary

SNL: Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton

Craig Ferguson: Cursing Bunny and the Possessed Owl

Sunday Cartoon

McMansion Economics

People are spending their money on large houses they don't need. (LATimes)

The Palin Network

Inside Sarah Palin's inner circle. (NYTimes)

Logic Doesn't Apply

The rise of Sarah Palin. (NYTimes)

Political Courage

Reducing the deficit is not a task for the timid. (NYTimes)

SNL: TSA Commercial

SNL: Boehner, Pelosi, and Rangel on Rachel Maddow

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