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Saturday, May 29, 2010

College Costs vs. Inflation

Yankees' Kim Jones Porkchop Incident

Jimmy Kimmel: Unnecessary Censorship

Bill Maher: Google and the End of Lying in Politics

Problem Solved?

The illegal immigration may resolve itself. (Newsweek)


A gallery of winners. (CollegeHumor)

Saturday Cartoon

Drone Wars

The truth about the drones. (ForeignPolicy)

Magnificent Migrants

Interesting idea for a photo essay? (ForeignPolicy)

South by Southwest

A battle for control of the Republican Party. (Slate)

Congressional Trends

In vogue: complaining about the deficit. (NYTimes)

Worst Campaign Ads of 2010

Are you shameless? Then your ad might just go viral and get you some attention. (NYTimes)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 10 Lost Episodes

The best episodes of the best show. (Zap2It)

Jay Leno: Headlines

The Adjustment Bureau Trailer (Matt Damon)

One-Term Wonders

Don't be surprised if 2010 produces a lot of senators that voters come to regret in 2016. (Newsweek)

Energy Villains

Politicians standing up against energy progress. (HuffingtonPost)

2011 Outdoor Hockey Games

Penguins and Flames to host 2011 outdoor games. (SI)

Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Flyers vs. Blackhawks. (SI)

In Good Company

The countries that ban gays from the military and have the death penalty. (Esquire)

Must-see Summer Movies

Inception looks like the best of the bunch. (Esquire)

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Welcome to the present, Marty McFly. (PopSci)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Office: Heroes


Cuccinelli Steps Back From the Edge

Super-conservative Virginia AG Cuccinelli criticized for supporting a college gun ban. (TalkingPointsMemo)

Watered Down Reform

Lobbyists watered down financial reform? Surely, you jest. (RollingStone)

The Milton Method

Can't get someone to pay? Threaten to blow up their house. (HuffingtonPost)

Best and Worst Cities in the World

Vienna at the top, Baghdad at the bottom. The US missed the top 25. (CSMonitor)

MLB Power Rankings

Rays and Yankees remain 1 and 2. (SI)

Best Commercials of the Year

Results from the Clio Awards. (Slate)

Stepping Stone

President Obama used the Senate as a means to get to the White House. (TheRoot)

Adventures in Eating

Have a Double Down or Grand Slamwich. (LATimes)

The Palin Brand

Bone-headed, defiant, and willfully ignorant. (NYTimes)

To the Richer Go the Spoils

War veteran vs. novice millionaire for the nomination, guess who wins. (NYTimes)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dow D'oh

The DOW fell below 10,000 today. (YahooFinance)

Unnecessary Censorship: Lost Edition

Vaughn Ward: Obama Plagiarism Fail

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Technology continues to be implemented into roads and bridges. (TheAtlantic)

College Baseball Bracketology

Arizona State, Texas, and Virginia have clearly established themselves as the top 3. (YahooSports)

God and Country

A, for lack of a better word, crusade to remove religion from the Pentagon. (ForeignPolicy)

The Uninsured

What about those people that still don't want to buy health insurance? (BigMoney)

Contaminated Memories and Criminal Justice

Do witnesses see what they claim they do? (Slate)

Ideas to Stop the Oil Leak

Can't be any worse than BP's ideas. (Slate)

US World Cup Roster

Final cuts have been made; 2 1/2 weeks until the big showdown with England. (LATimes)

A Better Burger

Go beyond the basics. (NYTimes)

Lost: All the Unanswered Questions

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 Finale: The End

24 Finale Review

I would say it didn't match up to Lost but did the job. Given Jack's fate was up in the air to the very end, I can't complain. (NYTimes)

24 Review: The American Presidency

A review of 24 and its portrayal of presidents. (Newsweek)

Dr. Doom Predicts More Doom

We're not out of the woods. (DailyBeast)

US World Cup Rosters

Final cuts are coming. (SI)

The Legacy of 24, Lost, and Law and Order

The end of big drama TV. (CSMonitor)

Regrowing Teeth

Right in your mouth. (PopSci)

Sarah Palin Poetry

How does she disgust thee, let us count the ways. (Slate)

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Scrap show me your papers and add random checkpoints. (Slate)

Law School is Tough

Elena Kagan started law school with a B and B-. (NYTimes)

Meadowlands Super Bowl 2014

Stephen Colbert promised Newark 2014 Olympics; at least they got the Super Bowl instead. (NYTimes)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Obama endorses DADT compromise. (WashingtonPost)

24: Jack Bauer's Craziest Kills

Jack Bauer's 10 craziest kills. (DailyBeast)

Bush's Deficit Legacy

Sue "Chicken Lady" Lowden

Chicken costumes banned from polling places in Nevada. (TalkingPointsMemo)

Instant Runoff

Time for a fairer instant runoff system in American elections? (FiveThirtyEight)

Lost Finale: Questions Unanswered

Chalk up a lot to run-of-the-mill magic without explanation. (DailyBeast)

Most Dangerous Airlines

At least merging airlines, United and Continental, are 12 and 13 respectively. (DailyBeast)

24 Finale: Art Imitates Life

A decade of turbulent politics and Jack Bauer turbulence. (DailyBeast)

Sunday Roundup

Clips from the Sunday shows. (DailyBeast)

False Memories

People can be made to remember historical events that never happened. (Slate)

Lost Finale Review


A nostalgic finale that lived up to my expectations. Regardless of what review you read, be aware that they were NOT dead the whole time, only in the flash-sideways. As far as I can tell, it was a "world" created by Hurley so they'd have a place to meet up after they died and everything else was real. It was a good finale and while some questions were unanswered, you can hardly fault them for the way they brought it all together. Ultimately, the question of why they were there was answered and the story came to 2 true resolutions. For those unclear on the "It worked" comment from Juliet, it was her saying to Sawyer "it worked" regarding the candy bar, not the nuclear bomb. That's what Miles heard because it was her talking after death in the flash-sideways. Clever if not a little evil. (NYTimes)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Community: Porn Names

Nike World Cup Ad: Write the Future

Texas Textbook Controversy

A guide to the weird changes. (Newsweek)

Sunday Cartoon

Best and Worst New TV Shows

The best and worst of the upfronts. (Esquire)

Debunking Myths

Some of history's biggest moments never happened. (Slate)

Lost Finale: Answers Kill Mysteries

It's finale day: 7-9 PM recap, 9-11:30 PM finale, 12:05-1:05 AM Jimmy Kimmel Lost show. (LATimes)

Evaluating Teachers

A new Colorado law might be the template for reforming teacher evaluations. (LATimes)

Politics is Local

You can't always ride a wave to victory. (NYTimes)

Judicial Elections

Commentary by Sandra Day O'Connor. (NYTimes)

Downward Mobility

Getting into the job market isn't easy. (NYTimes)

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