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Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily Show: Conservative Libertarian

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Watching the Madness

Day 1 was crazy.


What Obama should say to Iran.

Gaming the System

Members of Congress game the system to make their bills look better on CBO reports.

March Economic Madness

March Madness does not cause productivity problems?

Texting Etiquette

When not to text.

Whip Count

The 34 Democrats to watch on the healthcare bill.

March Madness Day 1

Sunday "Instincts" Picks: 11 of 16, 1 elite 8 team out- Notre Dame
Wednesday "Deep Thought" Picks: 13 of 16, 1 elite 8 team out- Georgetown

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Colbert Report: Census

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United States Census 2010
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Spare Some Change?

It's time to change the faces on our money for the first time in 80 years.

March Madness Schedule

Florida vs. BYU kicks everything off at 12:20.

Or Not

Responding to yesterday's "Why the GOP will win the House", why they won't.


How Obama wins in 2012.

Policy vs. Procedure

Republicans should learn policy matters, procedure doesn't. (says a Republican)

March Madness Sleepers

UTEP, Washington, Clemson, and Wisconsin. I don't buy any of them.

What We Meant to Say...

Best newspaper corrections.

Cocktail Party

The 5 best beer cocktails.

Dirtiest Teams Ever

Seven of the dirtiest teams in college basketball history.

Extreme Makeover: Hezbollah Edition

I guess they took a lesson from the Taliban on image management.

Is Real?

No, Obama has not turned against Israel.

Bring on the Revolution

Shareholders need to fix Wall Street.

Down to the Wire

Democrats are picking up key votes on healthcare.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Expanded Baracketology

March Madness Picks

So I posted these selections on Sunday night. After 3 days of deep thought, here's what I've come up with now. We'll see whether instinct beats deep thought.

Midwest: Kansas beats Georgetown in regional final
Midwest Noteworthy Upsets: None
West: Syracuse over Kansas State in regional final
West Noteworthy Upsets: Murray State over Vanderbilt, Xavier over Pittsburgh
East: West Virginia over Kentucky in regional final
East Noteworthy Upsets: Washington over Marquette
South: Baylor over Duke in regional final
South Noteworthy Upsets: Siena over Purdue, Richmond over Villanova
Final Four: Kansas defeats West Virginia in the finals (same as Sunday's pick)

Arizona Surprise


To update from earlier, Obama's full bracket.

Daily Show: Corporations

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In Dodd We Trust
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Cap and Trade

A political history.

Best Film Scenes Ever

Typical movie snobbery, ignoring recent films.

Crazy Like a Fox

Obama takes his case to FOX News.

Sea Change

Why Republicans might win back the House.

Rand Paul Revolution

Is he good for the Republican Party?

Food Secrets

Prepared food is getting healthier but companies don't want you to know it.


Cool architecture of the future.

The First Rule of Fight Club...

Don't talk about Fight Club.

Continental Divide

The US and Britain on education.

Blue Dogs

Will the Blue Dogs throw Obama a bone?


President Obama reveals his March Madness picks: Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, and Villanova.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NFL Mock Drafts

Updated SI Mock Draft. Jimmy Clausen's stock is rising. And one from NFLDraftCountdown. Sam Bradford takes the #1 spot in both.

Upset City

How to pick the games that are prime upset opportunities.

Colbert Report: Afghanistan

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - Afghanistan
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care reform

Thanks Wall Street

How can you make Wall Street folks worry even more about short-term gains? Semi-annual bonuses.

Could Airborne Bears Catch Bin Laden?

Surprisingly not a headline on the Onion.

10 for '12

10 governors or former governors that might challenge Obama in 2012.

Vertical Farms

More wave of the future.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

The 15 funniest things to happen behind a news anchor or reporter.

Cowardice Runs Deep

Not surprisingly, the "deemed" bill passage Republicans are criticizing has been used by Republicans many times just like reconciliation. I guess this is the smoking gun regarding all politicians caring more about re-election than standing up for what they believe in.

Cristmas in November?

Does Charlie Crist have any hope left to retake the Senate nomination from Marco Rubio?

These Are Not the Cost Controls You Are Looking For

Cost-control in healthcare reform is a mirage.

Liberal Fav Five

Liberals broke up with John McCain and rebounded with five new Republicans.

Blast from the Past

In light of his new book coming out, a look back at Karl "Turdblossom" Rove.


The US and China are too interdependent to get into a Cold War.

Abortion Reality

Not passing healthcare reform will increase abortions.

Let's Go Duke

How to win your NCAA bracket pool.

Move Over Michael Moore

Tom Hanks is the new target of conservative blogger scorn.


Now the House is considering a strategy of passing the healthcare bill without voting for it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

SNL: Broadview Security

Sunday Roundup

Clips from the Sunday shows.

Conspiracy Theory

Duke was handed an easy region on purpose.

Take a Break

Why is everyone so shocked that President Obama is pursuing an aggressive policy agenda? When you have half a dozen crisis situations, should he really be taking his time?

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

The healthcare bill WILL pass this week.

JD Votes Neigh

JD Hayworth, stopping at nothing to prove he's more conservative than his Senate opponent John McCain, claims that gay marriage will lead to people marrying horses. Unless Mr. Ed is getting married, I'm not sure how the horse is going to establish its consent.

Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me...

A weatherized convertible Mercedes-Benz.

Before the Biden Incident

America's relationship with Israel shifted 2 months before their recent incident with Joe Biden.

The Whipometer

Surprising that MSNBC or FOX News didn't come up with this: a real-time meter of whether the healthcare bill will pass.

The Wisdom of Picking Underdogs

Advice for the (likely) least productive work week of the year.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gamblers Anonymous

My Early Picks (guaranteed they'll be better than the ones I come up with after 3 days of analysis):

Midwest: Top 4 seeds in Sweet 16, Kansas over Ohio St to advance to Final Four
East: Top 3 seeds + Temple in Sweet 16, Washington upsets Marquette, West Virginia beats Kentucky to advance to Final Four
South: Top 2 seeds + Siena and Notre Dame in Sweet 16, Siena and Utah St win 1st round upsets, Duke beats Notre Dame to advance to Final Four
West: Top 3 seeds + Butler in Sweet 16, Kansas St beats Butler to advance to the Final Four
Finals: Kansas over West Virginia

SNL: Really with Seth and Jerry


Bracketology101's final bracket. SI's current (final?) bracket. ESPN's current (final?) bracket.

Something to Ponder

"When polar bears hunt, they crouch down by a hole in the ice and wait for a seal to pop up. They keep one paw over their nose so that they blend in, because they've got those black noses. They'd blend in perfectly if not for the nose. So the question is, how do they know their noses are black? From looking at other polar bears? Do they see their reflections in the water and think, 'I'd be invisible if not for that.' That seems like a lot of thinking for a bear."- Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) in The Informant

Cap and Trade

Even if the federal government sits on its hands for cap and trade, states might take some initiative.

Unlikely Source of Help

A pro-life group is lobbying for healthcare reform passage.

Sports and Torts

Are you liable for sports related harms?

Margin Call

AIG might pay back its bailout.

Revisionist History

Rewriting the Bush administration's legacy.

Sunday Cartoon

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