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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bubble Watch

A few more games for bubble teams to sweat out. The University of Houston just stole a spot from a bubble team by winning C-USA.

Comic Relief: God Bless America
John Oliver - The American People
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About 30 more hours until the bracket is announced.

Critical Mass

Watching the Scott Brown ascension.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Really Big Lies

The birther myth refuses to die.

44 to 40

How Obama can be more like Reagan.

China's World

How China is rewriting the rules on everything.

Palin with a Pedigree

Just what America needs, Liz Cheney.

Too Small to Succeed

While big firms are getting bailed out, small businesses can't get loans.

Bond, James Bond

Spies have to watch out for "The Honey Trap".

Saturday Cartoon

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Budget

That's a lot of non-discretionary spending.

LT to NY?

Is LaDainian Tomlinson going to be the newest New York Jet?

30 Rock: Cool Runnings

Bubble Watch

Another big day for bubble teams.


3 more days worth of games until the bracket is announced.

Green Jobs

Surprisingly not a cure-all.

The Status Quo


Self-sufficient buildings dropped into the ocean.

Virtual Reality

Economists can learn from virtual economies.

Close But No Cigars

The ins and outs of Cuban politics.

What the Neocons Got Right

I'd say pretty much nothing but I'll give them a chance.

Battery Life

How to keep that iPhone from dying on you in the middle of the day.

Quiet Confidence

Happy 4th anniversary to the last time Justice Thomas asked a question during oral argument.

Health Reform Myths

Three myths addressed by Paul Krugman.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Never Seen Lost

A blog about Lost written by someone who didn't start watching until this season.

Craig Ferguson: Recycled Toilet Paper

Daily Show: Glenn Beck's New Sign Off

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Wireless from Your Desk Lamp

Broadband signals carried by light.

Treat People Like Dogs

If people treated their relatives like their pets, the healthcare system might not be in so much trouble.

Fired Up and Ready To Go

President Obama is fighting back and breaking from his desire to be hopelessly bipartisan.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

First it's revealed that the incriminating ACORN videos were heavily edited; now their removal of funding is ruled unconstitutional.

America's Weirdest Colleges

Yes, there's a clown college on the list.

The Myth of the Recovery

The economy is still in big trouble.

The Fall of the Soviet Union

Russians have found the culprit responsible for their Olympic failure...McDonald's.

March Madness for Geeks

I feel pretty good about myself that I only know who a few of these characters even are.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for 100 million dollars over this commercial.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Move Over Bill Gates

There's a new richest person in the world. (and it's not Warren Buffett either)

Little Billy's Letters

An unemployed screenwriter in his 30s wrote fake letters posing as a 10 year old writing to celebrities. Amazingly he got a number of responses and turned it into a book.

Presidential Approval Center

An interactive look at Gallup's polling of presidents over the decades.

Colbert Report: Consumer Alert

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Daily Show: Virginia is for Lovers

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Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac?

Debating food subsidies.

Senate Race Rankings

Democrats now own the 7 most vulnerable seats in the 2010 Senate elections.

Race to the Bottom

Which political party will be at rock bottom in November?

Bush's Brain

The secrets of Karl Rove.

Sixth Sense

I see fatty foods...and dead people.

Not Just Red Wine

Many types of alcohol are good for you.

Electric Cars

Yet another attempt at electric cars but this one charges while you operate it.

Government Takeover

There is no government takeover, at least not in the Obama plan.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Don't blame Rahm Emanuel for everything; he's just doing his job.

The Future of Superheroes

Christopher Nolan is taking on Batman and Superman.

The Filibuster

The problem and solution for the Senate.

Jay Leno: Headlines

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Floating Realignment

MLB considering division realignment to combat the Yankees-Red Sox monopoly.


What would Peter Jennings do?

The Pinstripe Bowl

Yankee Stadium is going to host a college bowl game.

High Tea

Rubio is now leading Crist 60-28 in the Florida Senate nomination race. Another poll question says Republicans don't even support Crist staying in office as governor. Maybe it's time for an independent run.

Wealth Disparity

The ranks of millionaires grew in 2009.

Open Market

The best and worst decisions of the free agent signing period.

An Inconvenient Truth

Is Obama just another lying politician?

The Dishonest Waterboarding Debate

Stop lying, thanks.

Fat Tax

18% tax to save 5 pounds.

Fighting on the Wrong Side

Why health insurance companies should support the healthcare reform bill.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Not All Fast Food

Chemicals from a variety of sources are making people fat and blocking diet and exercise success.


The End of Earmarks

The idea is gaining traction.

Different President, Same Mistakes

How Obama is like Bush.

How to Fix the Oscars

Get rid of acceptance speeches for one.

Christmas Day Bomber Had No Chance

A new test reveals that the Christmas Day bomber wouldn't have brought down the plane even if he succeeded.

Championship Week

Bracketology 101's weekly bracket heading into the conference championships.

Bubble Watch

SI's updated look at the March Madness bubble.

Changing of the Guard

The Mullen Doctrine is pushing Colin Powell out of the spotlight.

Third Time's a Charm?

Is a war with Iran approaching?

Have You No Shame?

Liz Cheney on the warpath.

In Defense of Ulysses

Grant earned his spot on the $50 bill.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night

The ballot. Can't say I've seen that many movies on the list but I'd choose Up in the Air over Avatar for best picture.

Sunday Roundup

Clips from the Sunday shows.


Income by religion.

Weekend Update

Comic Relief: War and Heroes

[Warning: language]

Pleasant Surprise?

So far the lackluster campaign of Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) hasn't turned into a disaster in the governor's mansion.

Grand Theft Aces

Some daring robbers steal from a poker tournament.

K Street

A thin wall separates lobbyist contributions and earmarks.

Limited Government

An idea for Obama to embrace?

Time is Running Out

With an up or down vote coming in November, it's time to get stuff done.

The History of Reconciliation

A user-friendly chart.

Sunday Cartoon

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