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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bring on the Rapture

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The Real Hurt Locker

A photo essay.

United Force

Democrats and Republicans (sort of) agree on foreign policy.


Power a house with sun and a bottle of water.

Mission Impossible

Can Eliot Spitzer get back into politics? (Yes, ask David Vitter, John Ensign, and Mark Sanford who never got out)

Domestic Terrorism

It's one thing to try to stop Al Qaeda, can lone plotters be stopped even when we're forewarned?

Too Far

Liz Cheney follows in her father's footsteps and steps over the line.

The Nether Regions of Glennbeckistan

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) smacks down the Daily Mail.

Mystery Solved

Dinosaurs really were killed by an asteroid.

"It's a Free Country"

No, not really.

Lincoln Logic for Reconciliation

"A majority held in restraint by constitutional checks and limitations, always changing easily with deliberate changes of popular opinions and sentiments, is the only true sovereign of a free people."- Abraham Lincoln

Building a Better Teacher

"While the top 5 percent of teachers were able to impart a year and a half's worth of learning to students in one school year, as judged by standardized tests, the weakest 5 percent advanced their students only half a year of material each year."

Anatomy of a Rumor

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' imaginary retirement rumor was started by a Georgetown Law professor.

No Time Like the Present

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) may struggle to be re-elected in 2010 but that's not stopping him from making the most of his time in the Senate.


Do Democrats stick to their guns on anything? Add backtracking on terror trials to the list.

Stupak is Wrong

The abortion debate that might kill healthcare reform.

An Irrational Screed Against Popcorn

"Anyone who would defend popcorn would also, I'm sure, sell his children for spare parts."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bubble Watch

Lots of ACC teams sitting on the bubble; of course UVA isn't one of them...unless you count the CBI bubble.

NFL Mock Draft

Sam Bradford overtakes Ndamukong Suh for the top spot.

Fair and Balanced

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Anchor Management
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Comic Relief: Wii Curling

Maybe not a national television appropriate activity.

Playing the Fear Card

Playing on irrational fears of Obama to win elections.

Place Your Bets

How to win an Oscars pool.


Be careful.

Can I Call You Joe?

Because I've got some zingers where I call you Joe.

How the GOP Would Govern

Tax cuts for all, except Michael Moore.

Beyond Reason

Someone needs to tell Obama that America doesn't listen to reason.

The War Isn't Over

The media declaring victory is not an actual victory.

What Happened, New York?

Where's the toughness?

Name the Speaker

Obama or Romney?

Achilles' Hulu

Hulu's biggest weakness: no loyalty.

And Another...

6.4 earthquake in Taiwan.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life Before Google

Free Agency

Where the top 10 NFL free agents will sign.

Stop Rushing the Court

Act like you belong.

Did You Know President Obama is an Alcoholic?

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President Obama's First Physical
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Healthcare Rant

Why the GOP is wrong.

Get a Dog

People love their Roombas too much.


Add some oxygen to your drink.

Origin of Species

The five varieties of bad political thinking.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Maybe not such a good idea for an air traffic controller.

Best Picture Nominees

Trailers for the 10 best picture nominees.

Weirdest School Mascots

Admiral Ackbar, you've got some competition.

The Ronald

Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill?

The capital of Kansas is...


Party of None

Another disillusioned former partisan.

New Tivo

Next-generation boxes from Tivo on the way.

The New York Crimes

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The New York Crimes - David Paterson & Charles Rangel
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bunning Effect

Superman Showdown

After tonight's primary, it will be Perry-White in the Texas gubernatorial race. (Perry White was the editor in Superman)

More March Madness

NCAA considering a move to a 96 team tournament?

Wasted Effort

Obama is adding 4 Republican ideas to his healthcare proposal and will probably add 0 Republican votes.

Rick Sanchez is Crazy

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The Uninformant
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10 to 12

The Big 10 is still looking for a 12th team, maybe Rutgers?

Pain at the Pump

Gas prices rising for "no reason".

The Palin Brigade

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Reality TV Congressman

I guess he can't be worse than Jim Bunning.

Subtropical Gangster's Paradise

Welcome to Sochi.

A House Divided

Will the House stop healthcare reform from passing?

It Only Takes One

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Nightmare is Over

Harold Ford gives up on his New York Senate run.

Glued to the Screen

80% of Canada tuned in for at least some of the US-Canada gold medal game.


It's March 1. Just 2 weeks until the tournament field is set.

The New Hot Dog

Hopefully a cure for cancer is next on the to-do list.

Results Not Politics

Bob Corker (R-TN), the Tennessee "Firecracker".

Competing for Nothing

If the Olympics don't actually help countries, why not just give it to one permanent host?

No Drama Obama

Despite all the domestic problems, foreign policy has been fairly smooth and without internal fighting.


Can Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) be forgiven by Democrats?

A Win is a Win

10 embarrassing things that didn't prevent politicians from being elected.

The Surge is Working

Too bad it took 8 years to figure it out.

Culture of Entitlement

It's not the system; it's the people.

Strange Bedfellows

The liberal case for gun rights.

Leno Returns

Same old show, same old ratings?

Gaining Steam

30 now support passing the public option through reconciliation.

The Next Superpower

Well at least we don't have to be afraid of China yet.

Americans Like Hockey?

Huge rating for yesterday's gold medal in the US. I can't find any information about the rating in Canada but I assume it must've at least broken the previous record set by the US-Canada game last week.

Looking Back

One last look at the images of the Olympics.


Will the 2014 Sochi, Russia Olympics be a repeat of Vancouver?

Process of Elimination

Is Mitch Daniels the best choice for Republican presidential nominee by process of elimination?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

USA takes down the total medal count; Canada wins the most gold medals including today's hockey classic. The US also won the most medals ever at the Winter Olympics and beat the initial 3rd place projection by 10 medals. The US would also win a weighted medal count.

Sunday Roundup

Top clips from the Sunday shows.

The Return of Camelot?

Yet another Kennedy entering the political stage.

Just Go Away

Widely despised and soon to be retired senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) isn't giving up his quest to lose any support he had.

Omaha Stakes

The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, wants executives to take the blame.

Hottest Ticket in Town

USA-Canada gold medal tickets going for as much as $15,000.

Comic Relief: David Paterson


16 possible spinoffs for Lost.


The new wave of weather hype has gone too far.

Markets Need Morals

"The truth is that the virtues that make society flourish - hard work, taking responsibility, being honest, enterprising, and fair - come not from market forces but from our hearts." Gordon Brown takes a whack at the unbridled free market obsession in Western society.

Mitch the Moderate

New potential Republican presidential candidate, Mitch Daniels (Gov-IN), and his moderate credentials.

Sunday Cartoon

A New Hillary

On the hunt for the next Hillary Clinton; I nominate Claire McCaskill (Sen, D-MO).

NBC: Nothing But Curling

Some people aren't fans of how NBC has handled their Olympic coverage.

Impossible Mission

Are successful useful health insurance companies even feasible?

Game On!

USA vs. Canada Gold Medal Hockey Final, NBC, 3 PM EST

So Close Yet So Far

Just how close are some Olympic races? This close.

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