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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cast Aside

Republicans are distancing themselves from the fringe.

Factchecking checks the Health Care Summit.


The latest rehab check-in: a chimpanzee.

Updated Medal Projections

The US has essentially locked up the overall medal count; Canada has done the same with the gold count.

Name That Vegetable

These kids need to play more Farmville.

Fans of the World

The best fans at the Olympics.

Performance Pay

Maybe it's time to pay kids off for getting good grades and studying.

Game Change

A bit of an old story now that the book has been out for a while, but just how much is Game Change to be believed?

World War III

Instead of 1 big war, there are 33 conflicts going on at the moment.


Sorry people, hand sanitizers aren't effective.

Saturday Cartoon

Green Zone

Jason Bourne in Iraq, coming to theaters in a few weeks.


The newest manipulative conspiracy theory making the rounds: abortion is a plot to kill off black people.

Gold Medal Showdown

Sunday 3 PM, NBC, for the gold medal.

Comic Relief: Grape Drink

[Warning: language]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Updated Medal Projections

USA now has more medals in hand than any other country is projected to win.

Collision Course?

Olympic hockey semifinals today: USA vs. Finland 3 PM, Canada vs. Slovakia 9:30 PM.

Independent Streak

What if Charlie Crist (R-FL) becomes an Independent?

Back to Basics

A stylish tricycle for the urban commuter.

Who Really Won the Olympics?


Almost Progress

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Snow = No Global Warming

A guide to climate skeptics.

The Fallback Option

If all else fails, a fallback option.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three's a Crowd

Obama won, Republicans won, Democrats lost.

It's Not the System, It's the People

An Ethics panel finds Charlie Rangel (D-NY) broke House rules.


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Mock Draft

SI's updated NFL mock draft.

Washington Theater

The craziest Congressional theatrical stunts.

2012 Dark Horse

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Coco Returns

Conan O'Brien takes his act to Twitter.

Who's Who

A primer on the key players in the healthcare debate.

Riot Control

Britain weaponizes noise to deal with those pesky hoodlums.

Combo Cars

A Hungarian firm envisions a car that can be one six-seater or two three-seaters.

Spay or Neuter Your Tiger

Florida billboard mocks Tiger Woods.

The Idiot's Guide to Being a Junta

Step 1: Pick out a fashionable military uniform.

Late Night Experiment

Craig Ferguson shakes things up.

Olympic Moments

Updated hi-res pictures from the Olympics.

Healthcare Summit

Liveblog of the healthcare summit going on now on CSPAN and cable news.

Updated Medal Projections

Good day for the US picking up some unexpected medals. With the USA-Canada women's hockey final, the US will pick up at least medal #29 today.

Friendly Fire

"I mean, I don't know what her deal is, but my belief is in 2010 and 2012, public leaders need to have intellectual curiosity."- Jeb Bush on Sarah Palin. Humorous both for its veracity and lack of self-awareness given his brother.

Blood is Thicker Than Water...

...but money is thicker than blood; Mark McGwire's brother turns on him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comic Relief: Seinfeld

Collision Course?

USA and Canada both advance to the hockey semifinals. Meanwhile USA and Canada are facing off in the women's hockey finals.

Policy vs. Procedure

Republican hypocrisy is worse.

Updated Medal Projections

USA clings to a small lead over Germany in the total count. Canada is still hoping for an extremely good finish as projected to avoid a disappointing total.


The House passed a repeal of the health insurer antitrust exemption today with over 400 votes. That's the 291st bill the House has passed for the Senate to ignore.

It's a Trap!

Ole Miss is considering Admiral Ackbar as its new mascot.

Anti-Cloture, Pro-Passage

The Senate Jobs bill got 62 votes for cloture and 70 for passage...hmmmm...


20 people who are ruining Washington.


Headline writing failures.

Criminal Minds

Brain scans and criminal investigation.

Comic Relief: Cake

Post 9/11 Justice

Do terror suspects have rights?

Reconciling Differences

Can you believe a party would consider using reconciliation to pass a major reform? Apparently the Republicans were okay with it in 1996. (among many other times it's been by used by both parties as majorities in the past)


ESPN doles out justice.

Say Cheese

Long lines at the Chuck E Cheese photo booth cause a riot.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inbox (290)

The Senate is sitting on 290 bills the House has passed.

"The Wayward Wiener"

How could a mascot throwing hot dogs at the crowd be a bad idea?

The Bennies

Awarding (the opposite of) excellence in the world of TV shows. No surprise Snooki from Jersey Shore took home an award.

Cream of the Crop

The best 50 prospects for April's NFL Draft.

Chemical Warfare

Moscow's Mayor declared war on snow.

The Power of Facebook

Elevating a lowly pickle to stardom.

Glenn Beck is Clueless

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What a Bargain

$175 and an exotic bird for 2 children.

Ice Crime

Most new ice cream flavors are...stolen!

Updated Medal Projections

Germany catches up with a good medal day.

The Public Option is Back

Well it's kicking around and has about half the support it needs to pass.

Battle Ready?

The overuse of video games by the military.

Northern Exposure

Bristol Palin now has an acting career.

Bombing Iran

What if another country bombs Iran?

Firefighters in Court

Another firefighter employment discrimination hits the Supreme Court.

Comic Relief: Bread

Earthquake Central

Too many big cities built in earthquake zones which might result in another Haiti-like quake every 10 years.

Monday, February 22, 2010


UVA baseball takes over the #1 spot in the national rankings. The home opener is Wednesday 3 PM vs. GWU.


The goals scored in last night's USA-Canada game. [video]

The Alternative Oscars

The Oscar for most quotable line in a stupid movie goes to...

Mess with Texas

Is Texas about to execute an innocent man?

Brown Out

Scott Brown (R-MA) breaks with the party after just weeks in office to support the Senate Jobs bill.

The Bloom Box

Revolutionary energy source or failure waiting to happen?

Uh Oh Canada

The largest Canadian audience ever watched their disappointing hockey loss to the US.

All Things Healthcare

Slate's guide to all things related to healthcare reform.

Jay Leno 2.0

NBC announces the guests for Jay Leno's return. Sarah Palin? You betcha.

Tufts Stuff

Applying to college with Youtube? I'm glad we as a society have advanced to Legally Blonde level.

The Other Side

5 prominent conservatives on how to fix healthcare.

Rich and Richer


Bracketology101's weekly bracket.

More Hitler than Stalin

Is Kim Jong Il a different kind of crazy dictator?

Obama's Favorite Republicans

John McCain need not apply.

Budget Choices

In tough times, tough choices must be made...well maybe not.

Updated Medal Projections

Canada not "owning the podium".

Let's Try This Again

Obama releases yet another try at healthcare reform.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comic Relief: Fire Drill

The greatest 4 minutes in the history of the Office.

Sunday Roundup

Colin Powell stands by his Barack Obama endorsement and other clips from the Sunday shows. [videos]

USA Hockey Beats Canada

USA 5 Canada 3. USA gets a bye into the quarterfinals with the nice upset win.

Greed is Good

Wall Street 2, Financial Crisis Boogaloo, coming soon to a theater near you.

Comic Relief: The Office

Alternative View

Partisanship is par for the course.

The Crisis

A parable of financial ruin.

CPAC Straw Poll

Who's the favored candidate of CPAC? Mitt Romney? Sarah Palin? Nope, Ron Paul.

Updated Medal Projections

USA takes a hit in the gold count.

Take a Nap

Ace a test.

Sunday Cartoon

Information is Power

Restaurants might lose some business when nutritional info takes over.

Bayh Line

Evan Bayh explains himself.

It's Aboot Time

USA plays Canada in hockey tonight with the winner getting a bye to the quarterfinals.

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