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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Olympic medal predictions.

Making History

The history of a "Christian nation."

What the Zuck

Mort Zuckerman is considering running for Senate in NY. Apparently every hack who guests on Morning Joe is going to run for Senate in NY as he joins Harold Ford in the "mulling it over" column.

Killing the Filibuster

Durbin (D-IL) lines up behind Harkin (D-IA) and Shaheen (D-NH).

Only Takes One

Bob Corker (R-TN) is willing to go against his party to vote for financial reform.


The unsolved problem of how to hold terror trials.

The Republican Elite

An anonymous survey of Republican elites on what they really think.

Measuring Defensive Stats

A new camera system is on the case.

Newark 2014

Stephen Colbert is bringing the Olympics back to the East coast. [video]

Wireless on the Bus

How to stop kids from going crazy on the bus.

Olympic Event Tracker

Find out when your favorite event (curling) is taking place.

Hypocrisy Watch

Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) continues his role as one of the worst senators in the country.

Greatest Upsets in Sports History

An SI photo gallery.

Olympics Viewing Guide

For the next 2 weeks, NBC will lose money on sports instead of failed TV shows.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comic Relief: Another Save by the Eck

[Warning: language]

Asking for Directions

1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Look up directions for Los Angeles, CA to Honolulu, HI.
3. Look at direction #11.

Unintentional Humor

"The goal is for President Clinton to resume his very active lifestyle."- President Clinton's doctor

Words Matter

Apparently 11% of people are okay with "gays and lesbians" in the military but not "homosexuals".

Dwarf Dinos

Allusion failure calling it Neverland not Jurassic Park.

Countdown to the Games

Olympic photo preview.

Escaping the IT Overlords

How to get around website blockers on work computers.

Comic Relief: Airplane Safety

So You're Telling Me There's a Chance?

Tom Perriello, the embattled congressman who represents the district that includes Charlottesville, might actually hang on to his seat in 2010.

Liars or Idiots

Jon Stewart agrees with my assessment. [video]

NFL Mock Draft

Updated NFL mock draft by NFL Draft Countdown.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Dead terrorists tell no tales"

Obama is killing too many terrorists.

Foreign Policy and Self Selection

Obama needs FOX News not MSNBC to sell his foreign policy.

The Interception

Global Warming and Snowstorms

Is it possible that the Republican position on global warming is the right one? Yes. Is it possible that the recent wave of snowstorms on the East coast is solid support for their position? No, and those commentators who say it is (Sean Hannity, etc) are liars or idiots.

Cyber War Games

Next Tuesday, the US will be playing out a massive cyber attack.

Hypocrisy Watch

And Justice For All

9 ridiculous child arrests. Amazingly none of them were for disturbing the peace in restaurants or on airplanes.


Jon Oliver profiles the RNC meeting in Hawaii. [video]

Comic Relief: Ketchup

Can't Win

Nothing is going to satisfy John Boehner.

Primary Math

A detailed look at the 2012 Republican primary possibilities.


Google is going after Facebook too.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Five myths about creating jobs.


Google is looking to offer super-fast internet. It'd probably have the unintended consequence of ruining the movie industry by making illegal downloading incredibly easy and fast.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The World's Greatest Collective Action Problem

Game theory and healthcare reform.

Who Wants to Bomb Iran?

Sadly they couldn't get Regis to host.

Colts 31, Saints 17

The Virginian Pilot makes a small mistake on the score of the Super Bowl.

The Neverending Story

Lego Armor

Seems better than sandbags.

More Olympics

The only 13 must-see moments.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

It's all about keeping unemployment down.

Remembering Jack Murtha

Not the warmest sendoff but it's true that he shamelessly pulled in pork for his district even when it was completely wasteful. [video]

The Anti-Palin

Meg Whitman (R-CA), candidate for governor.


How to recycle old technology.

Reading Comprehension

Sarah Palin was so proud that she actually read something that she simultaneously approved both the cynical attitude of the article and the war the article was opposing.

Olympic Preview

10 stories to watch.

Comic Relief: Harris

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dangers of Soda

As few as two sodas per week linked to pancreatic cancer. Not surprisingly, the soda industry disputes.

No Rest for the Weary

Odds are already out for next year's Super Bowl.

To Xfinity and Beyond

Comcast's questionable name switch and other odd choices.

Fat Chance

Obama wants to ban sugar loaded vending machines? I'm guessing it won't happen.

Witnessing History

Last night's Super Bowl was the most watched TV event ever.

Bowling with Mitt

Mitt Romney is practicing his bowling for a 2012 showdown with Obama.

Comic Relief: Camping

The World We Live In

Warren Sapp is primarily described as "Dancing with the Stars" finalist instead of ex-NFL star. Hopefully the next headline isn't "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Jerry Rice elected to NFL Hall of Fame.


Bracketology 101's weekly bracket. UVA's loss to Wake looms large and pushes them out of the running.

Stuck in the Mud

The Senate is the chokepoint of American politics.

Healthcare Summit

Good idea or bad idea?

Have You Seen Me?

World leaders that may or may not be alive.

The Other Political Ad

Only aired in DC but was much more political than the Tebow ad. (There was also an ad for the Census that apparently nobody noticed)

The Other Winners and Losers

The best and worst of Super Bowl commercials this year.

"Wow, this is so benign"

On the Tebow ad that was way overhyped. Some people are acting like it was some genius move by the pro-life movement but I don't see how you espouse a position without mentioning it at all. It would be like if Pepsi made an ad that included no soda and no Pepsi logos. Also, shame on all the people who demonized this ad beforehand if they actually knew it was going to be so benign.

Idealism vs. Realism

Obama's dream of zero nuclear weapons.

B.E. Aggressive

The value of aggressive playcalling.

What Happened II?

Why was Jay Leno on a commercial advertising David Letterman when he's about to go back to competing head to head against Letterman next month? Are NBC execs that stupid that they let him do that without demanding the commercial also promote the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Mysteries abound in the Super Bowl commercial list this year (including the onslaught of weird commercials geared solely toward men).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Happened?

There were plenty of bad commercials tonight but perhaps the worst of the night was Tim Tebow's pro-life ad. I hesitate to even call it pro-life because you couldn't even tell what it was advertising. There was a lot of anger about using Tim Tebow's mom as purely anecdotal evidence against abortions and yet the commercial did nothing to convey that message and they topped it off by weirdly having Tim Tebow tackle his own mother. Whatever advertising department flunkie drew this one up should probably consider another career choice. Very surprising that the execution not the message ended up being the problem with the commercial.

Aints to Saints

Instant Run-off

Gordon Brown proposes an instant run-off system for the Brits.

Game Time

Why the Saints will win. Why the Colts will win.

You Lie

The mystery of success in Afghanistan.

Graham v. Inhofe

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) breaks ranks on climate legislation.

The Placebo Effect

Surprise: cancer doesn't respond to placebos.

People in Glass Houses Watch

Fred Thompson claims Obama wants the Super Bowl winner determined by negotiation. I suppose that'd be better than Fred Thompson's desired method, who runs the laziest offense in Super Bowl history.

Apocalypse Watch

The Thrilla From Wasilla hints at a presidential run.

Sunday Cartoon

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