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Friday, February 5, 2010

Comic Relief: Holiday Traditions


Senator Richard Shelby has placed a block on Obama's nominees and sent this ransom letter to Harry Reid (not really).

Gaffe Watch?

"Trust me, after taxes, a million dollars is not a lot of money."- RNC Chairman Michael Steele, hopefully one of his "traded jokes" with Harold Ford but given the speaker perhaps not.

Virginia Grocery Stores

Okay, not a real photo but pretty close to reality.

Vice-President Clinton?

Hillary not Bill.

Stewart v. O'Reilly

The whole interview. [video]

Understatement Watch

"That whole Iraq thing did not go well."- Bill O'Reilly

Gamblers Anonymous

Colts 38
Saints 24

Super Bowl-o-rama

Bill Simmons' Super Bowl pick.

Jobs Jobs Jobs


Sarkozy criticizes Obama.

Diplomacy Fail

Why can't America do diplomacy anymore?

The Rules

32 rules for men to live by. Trust no one who uses unusual paper clips.

The Storm Before the Storm

The carnage at grocery stores before the storm.


Charter schools promoting segregation.

Cradle Robber

Lane Kiffin offers a scholarship to a 13 year old.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valuable Information

How to destroy a sex tape. Like the Iraq War, if only John Edwards had known then what he knows now.

Johnny Be Bad

It's just not John McCain's year. Colin Powell's not doing him any favors.

Stewart v. O'Reilly

Jon Stewart enters the No Spin Zone to duel with Papa Bear.

Groundhog Day: Democratic Presidents

Obama is reliving Clinton's 1st term.

Comic Relief: The Office

Weird Ad Watch

Carly Fiorina, a terrible spokeswoman for McCain in 2008 by the way, is running for Senate in California.

You're Rich, Get Over It

Sorry rich people, we want your money.

Bye Bye Bayh?

Another tough seat for Democrats to defend in November emerges.

The 28th Amendment

Overturning Citizens United with a constitutional amendment. [video]

The Cutting Edge of Boring

Stephen Colbert on social networking gone too far. [video]

Yesterday: Walking on Walls...

Today: seeing through them.

Life in the Fast Lane

Healthcare reform turns from the hare to the tortoise.

If the Nuclear Thing Doesn't Work Out

Iran can always attack us with an unprecedented rain of mice, worms, and turtles.

Sign Me Up

National Signing Day liveblog.

Illegal Formation

Is your Super Bowl party illegal?

Things Are Bad

Senators warned of a terrorist attack in the next 6 months.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Broken Promises

Presidents should break their campaign promises.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

John McCain is all over the map on the issue. (as he unfortunately has been the last ~2 years)

Google Labs

10 features to add to your Gmail.

New York State of Mind

Stephen Colbert talks to Harold Ford. [video] Ford continues to dig a deeper hole in his Senate campaign yet that seems to only embolden him to keep going.

Groundhog Fraud

How do we really know what Phil the Groundhog says? (I'm going to go with James Inhofe and say it's a Weather Channel conspiracy...oh wait that's global warming)

Best Picture

Reviews of all 10 nominees.

Walking on Walls...

...and ceilings might be possible soon.

Super Bowl Halftime

The best alternatives to the halftime show.

Sarah's Wolf PAC

Donors give money, Sarah buys books, Sarah gives books to donors. Much more efficient than Barnes and Noble.

Happy Marmot Day

Sarah Palin's gift to Alaska.

When to Go for 2

An NFL mystery.

Chill v. Corrupt

An op-ed on the First Amendment and Citizens United.

Oscar Nominees

It's an honor just to be nominated.


11 million undocumented workers.

Q & O

You know what happened when George W Bush lost Jon Stewart? He was run out of office after 8 years. [video]

Okay Campers, Rise and Shine

That's right woodchuck-chuckers, it's Groundhog Day. [video] Today also marks the beginning of the 2010 election season with the Illinois Primaries and the premiere of the final season of Lost.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Coming to a battlefield near you.

The Dreaded IRS

Top 10 ways to avoid an audit.

Retail Tricks


*With the purchase of lots of other stuff at regular price

Super Bowl Gone Bad

What if it was Curtis Painter vs. Mark Brunell?

State of the States

Party ID as measured by Gallup.

It's All Timing

You move the boring meaningless Pro Bowl up 2 weeks and its ratings go up 40%.

Flawless Logic

Global warming...fake/not an urgent problem
Government spending...unnecessary and wasteful
NASA return trip to the moon...VITAL

No Child Left Behind- Take II

The 5 ways education policy will change.

The Art of the Steal

About as intriguing as a trailer about an art collection can get.

Monday Night Live

Ask the President a question on Youtube.

Wave of the Future

Liquid glass.

Razzie Nominations

What's gonna be this year's Catwoman?


Bracketology101's bracket for the week. UVA sitting just on the outside thanks to that awful loss to Virginia Tech.

Hazy Memories

Ronald Reagan would struggle to pass the GOP litmus test.

Inside the OMB

Peter Orszag, not just a ladies man.

The Subtleties of Advertising

Apparently blasting the volume is not necessarily the best method of advertising. (Congress, feel free to ban loud obnoxious commercials anyway)

Apocalypse Watch

The Jersey Shore cast is getting $10,000 per episode EACH.

The Calm President

Obama was his usual calm self at the Duke-Georgetown game. I don't really fault him for that though. He has no allegiance to either team and is obviously there just as a basketball fan going to a top 10 game. If anything, North Carolina is a swing state and I don't think he wants to cheer for the road team openly. It's still amusing how it irks so many people that Obama won't get rattled.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fantasy DC

First round pick: Claire McCaskill.

Financial Reform

By Paul Volcker.

Green Building

The newest enviro project.

Fantasy Baseball

When did Matt Kemp become the best (fantasy) OF in the league? Strange times.

Poker Face

When it comes to politics, people don't have them. A new study says you can pick out Democrats and Republicans based on looks.

Where is Scott Brown's Birth Certificate?

Turnabout against the birthers. (Not a serious inquiry...I hope)

The End of Rogue States?

The Cold War's over.

Obama v. Alito

Not the warmest relationship even before "not true"-gate.

High-Speed Rail

Can it work in America? Maybe if it goes fast enough.

The Eisenhower Republican

I guess this is why Eisenhower's granddaughter endorsed Obama.

Weekend Update

Ham and Bubbly

Lost in Time

A timeline of the "Lost" universe incase 5 seasons of flashbacks confused you.

The Gang of Five

The investment bank problem.

Sunday Cartoon

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