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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's the Matter with Kansas?

The BBC rehashes the political question of 5 years ago.

The Art of Staying Rich

Most millionaires don't live like they're millionaires.

Don't Debate a Law Professor

I haven't watched the whole thing but the general reaction seems to be that Obama handled the Republican questions and arguments very well.

Crazy Food

Crispy delicious food just can't catch a break.

Bully Pulpit

The Obama administration might throw their weight around to get BCS reform. At least that's an issue Republicans might support.

The Next Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton suggested she'd only serve 1 term as Secretary of State. The list of contenders if Obama wins in 2012.

Saturday Cartoon

Plan Bee

Bee brains are a model for facial recognition.

Et Tu Brute?

Scott Brown might not be the reliable conservative vote that the Tea Partiers had hoped for.

Ross Perot 2.0

He's coming soon to a political arena near you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Business Ethics

The 12 least ethical companies in the world.

Message Failure

It's too hard to sell reform as a bumper sticker.

The Soda Debate

Should there be a soda tax?

Removing the Middleman

Gaffe Watch

Barack Obama: so good you forget he' Chris Matthews forgets he's on television (not the first time).


Another NFL mock draft with Suh going #1 to the Rams.


Chad Ochocinco is going to punt and kick at the Pro Bowl. Given the way Nate Kaeding, Shayne Graham, and Jay Feely kicked in the playoffs, can you blame the AFC coaches?

Say It Ain't So Sammy

Justice Alito has a Joe Wilson moment at the State of the Union.

Blues Clueless

New DNC logo: The Possum. [video]

Great Expectations

"If I had a magic wand -- but the president doesn't have a magic wand. You can't just say 'low gas'."- George W Bush

People need to stop this nonsense about how President Obama isn't focusing enough on jobs. Do they really think he looks at 10% unemployment and shrugs it off? It's not easy to control the economy and no matter how much people wish for it, even the President of the United States can't magically fix the economy just by trying hard. If you want to disagree with his economic policies, go for it, but thinking that trying to pass healthcare reform is what's keeping the economy down is just wrong in my opinion.

Cut the Pentagon

A spending freeze at the Pentagon is a stupid and unrealistic idea but it shouldn't mean all defense spending is ignored.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Apple's shiny new toy.

Shoes Are Bad

Run barefoot if you can.

Budgetary Concerns?

The Yankees have a budget?

State of the Union Reaction

Obama's speech was a good one, as it always is. The real question is whether it has any effect. A politician making an inspiring speech, begging for progress and bipartisanship, is hardly an uncommon event yet nothing ever gets done. If the year has taught him anything, it's that Democrats are spineless and Republicans are obstructionists. George W Bush got things done (regardless of what you think of the results) because he didn't let the weak knees and ankle biting of the Congress slow him down and Obama should take a page out of his book by shaming them into action. If he really believes in getting rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell, getting healthcare reform, getting a new energy policy, and other policies passed, he can't depend on the kindness and fortitude of people like Olympia Snowe and Joe Lieberman.

The Democrats are in real trouble in November because they've managed to push everyone away. Republicans aren't going for Liberalism Lite and Democrats are not going to go to the polls for watered down garbage. The first year has been problematic because Obama is playing Goldilocks. You can't shoot for the policy that's just right because then nobody's happy and they won't vote for it. Either make real concessions and get bipartisan support or aim high and pass solid liberal bills. No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. When you know you're right, be forceful and remind people that you were elected to represent the nation, not cower to the whining of the media and the loudest of the whackjobs. There was a glimmer of hope when he ripped the Republicans for not applauding tax breaks and the Supreme Court for its Citizens United decision; we'll see if he continues this.

Leadership is the courage to tell Democrats, Republicans, and Independents when they're wrong, when they're corrupt, and when they're in the way.


Like a rabid college basketball fan, a Congressman gets to the State of the Union at 8 AM to camp out for an Obama handshake.


"I thought I would get some applause on that one."- Barack Obama to the motionless Republicans after outlining his tax breaks.

Pants on the Ground Scandal

The American Idol based viral sensation might be a fraud. If amateur singers on a reality TV competition can't be trusted, what has the world come to?

Thinking Ahead

Bizarre terror threats to watch out for.

It's Back!

Reconciliation is floated yet again. How long til it gets killed this time?

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Rejecting the Schumer-Hatch Jobs plan.

Missing in Action

The 5 things Obama should but won't talk about tonight.

An Aggregation of Nincompoops

Some British guy mocks the US government as incompetent at best and a joke at worst.


"In every election, politicians come to your cities and your towns, and they tell you what you want to hear, and they make big promises, and they lay out all these plans and policies. But then they go back to Washington when the campaign's over. Lobbyists spend millions of dollars to get their way. The status quo sets in. And instead of fighting for health care or jobs, Washington ends up fighting over the latest distraction of the week. It happens year after year after year."- Barack Obama on the campaign trail

Groundhog Day

PETA wants Phil the Groundhog replaced by a robot.

Mock Draft

Mock draft of the 1st round of April's NFL Draft.

State of the Union

The State of the Union is tonight at 9. Take 3 shots if someone screams something inappropriate in the middle of the speech.

Terror Trials

Jon Stewart jabs Osama Bin Laden and the NY terror trial protestors. [video]

More Harm Than Good?

Are journalists messing up Haiti's recovery?


How long have politicians promised to change Washington?

Breakfast of Champions

"I had the Minnesota Vikings breakfast today...5 different types of turnovers."- Jay Leno

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Hatchet and the Scalpel

Obama goes back on his repudiations of spending freezes from the presidential debates. [video] In fairness to him, I believe his proposed spending freeze is slightly different because it's an aggregate freeze instead of a total freeze so individual funding amounts can be altered as seen fit, similar to the "scalpel" approach he advocates so it's only a half-contradiction as far as I can tell.

No Hard Feelings?

A Conan O'Brien produced show got picked up by NBC. Title suggestion: The Tonight Show.

Mad as Hell...

...and not gonna take it any more. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) is railing against the rules of the Senate that make it the place where bills go to die.

Did They Have British Accents?

This guy must've wanted to save a whole lot of money on his car insurance. (Man caught smuggling lizards in his pants)

Role Reversal

Jonathan Alter on the Roe v. Wade of this century and Dick Durbin's plan to fix it.

When You Assume...

Yet another prank gone bad, this time on the basketball court.

What happened to the ACC?

Pat Forde eliminates the ACC from championship contention.

Going Rogue

Apparently computer algorithms mess up the stock market as much as people.

Scott Brown: Media Killer?

Did Scott Brown kill the liberal media?

How the Mighty Have Fallen

SI on the failing college basketball dynasties.

Nerd Alert

Dungeons and Dragons banned from prison.

Thank You South Carolina

South Carolina, the gift that keeps on giving. [video]

High Tea

Formerly very popular governor Charlie Crist (R-FL) is now losing in a poll to Tea Party hero Marco Rubio in the Senate primary.


The Schumer-Hatch (or Hatch-Schumer?) jobs plan.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Failure of Imagination

Not a happy topic, but the intelligence community has to stay one step ahead, not one step behind.

The 5 Second Rule

Food on the floor, you make the call.

Midseason TV Preview

Shows to look forward to...and avoid. Personal recommendations: Lost (Tues 9 PM) and Damages (Mon 10 PM).

The Budget Freeze

Obama is freezing discretionary non-defense spending for the next 3 years. Good idea or bad idea?

A Matter of Priorities

"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president."- Barack Obama

Must See

20 must see legal movies.

Gaffe Watch

South Carolina's Lt. Governor compares welfare to feeding stray animals.

Coke-powered Cell Phone

I think this is a serious article but I'm not really sure.

Comic Relief

Dave Chappelle on the perils of Looney Tunes and Sesame Street. [video, warning: language and content]

Here We Go Again

Favre "unlikely" to return.

The New Senate

If the Senate were determined by population.


Bracketology101's bracket for the week, sadly UVA drops out.

Watered Down

Watered down healthcare reform got you down? Fred Kaplan disagrees.

Worth Dying For

Esquire's bucket list.

Information is Power

Parents make better choices for their kids when they have calorie counts. How 'bout making it the law?

Another One Bites the Dust

Beau Biden decides not to run for Senate, probably ceding another victory to Republicans in November.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Opaque Reasoning

Clarence Thomas thought the Supreme Court didn't go far in helping corporations to advertise during campaigns.

No Hope

ABC News: Health insurance premiums wouldn't go down under "Obamacare".

How to Catch a Fly Ball

The science of baseball.

Jury Duty

President Obama is skipping jury duty in Illinois, yet another benefit of moving to DC.

Panic Sets In

Should the Democrats be worried about holding the majority in the Senate?


They're learning; be very afraid.

Sunday Cartoon

Mark Sanchez and Barack Obama

A political blog taking advantage of the Jets' momentum?

The Internet of Tomorrow

I'm guessing Newsfeed will get even creepier.


Check your privacy settings.

How Quickly We Forget

John McCain wants talks with Republicans. Didn't the Democrats talk the healthcare bill over with Republicans for months in that mysterious group of six led by Max Baucus? Yeah, let's go through that again, second time's a charm.

Sail Away

Apparently sailing around the world is independent study in high school.

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