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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comic Relief

Louis CK on deer and children. [video, warning: language and content]

Airport Security Prank

Did your pack your luggage? Has your luggage been in your possession at all times? Is your luggage being inspected by a jerk?

State of the Union Preview

First Read's 5 things to watch for.

Burger King's New Idea

Much better than the creepy BK King; they're now serving beer.

Masshole Explosion

Coming to MTV soon?

Jesus or Judas II

Johnny Damon has the weekend to make a decision.

Middle America Wins

Jay Leno beats Conan by appealing to a wider demographic.

Rome is the Mob

The mob mentality pushed Obama into office in 2008 and now it's destroying him.


If you were wondering why John McCain has given up any pretense of being moderate and bipartisan, here's why.

Saturday Cartoon

Friday, January 22, 2010

Living History

The White House Flickr page, lots of good photos.

Icy Reception

Who knew the Winter Olympics pissed people off? Come on people, Michael Phelps is swimming through concrete and corn fields to get there, the least you can do is watch. (If you don't get the reference, it's a Subway commercial)

Get 'Er Done

Jon Stewart on Obama's crazy assumption that Americans prefer rational policy. [video]

Conference Championships II

Peter King picks this weekend's games.


What would Wilson do?

Volcker Power

Obama's new financial proposals shift the power from Geithner to Volcker.

Super Soldiers

Lockheed Martin is developing a super-soldier suit.

Trouble Brewing

Get ready for more anonymous leaking from the Obama administration.

Early Warning

The 5 places that might be in danger for the next big earthquake.

Conference Championships

Bill Simmons picks this weekend's games.

Gamblers Anonymous

Colts 23, Jets 13
Vikings 27, Saints 24

Watch Out Glenn Beck

Gold prices might be on the decline.

"Bad Day for American Democracy"

Richard Hasen rips the Supreme Court's decision on campaign finance.

Rivalry Renewed

Letterman vs. Leno is back in business.

The Great Buddhist Image Resurrection

Buddhists too.

The Great Taliban Image Resurrection

The Taliban is apparently developing a softer marketing strategy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apocalypse Watch

The National Enquirer wants a Pulitzer Prize for its John Edwards coverage.

What Happened to the Heels?

1-3 in the ACC and in free fall. I know they lost a lot but I don't think anyone saw UVA in 1st place and UNC in 11th in late January.

Grey's Anatomy in Suits

ABC's The Deep End tries to portray BigLaw and predictably is just like Grey's Anatomy.

Jobless Not Hopeless

Creative solutions by individuals suffering from the unemployment wave.

My Name is Big Corporation and I Approve this Message

The Supreme Courts alters rules on corporate spending in elections, not good.

The First Year

A Hollywood trailer of Obama's first year. [video] Frankly, I think I could do better but it's decent I suppose.

3-D Printers

One can be yours for a mere $15,000.

The Rare Union of Hitler and Comedy

I'm not really sure why but a disillusioned Obama supporter decided to channel his/her political fury through Adolf Hitler. [video]

Cindy McCain for Marriage Equality?

Apparently John McCain's wife is in favor of gay-marriage? Who knew? I guess that duct tape unintentionally symbolizes her silence about it during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

The Password is...Password

If your password is 123456, you're not doing it right.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recruiting Classes

ESPN ranks the top recruiting classes (as of now).

Happy Anniversary Barack Obama

Here's hoping Year 2 isn't as frustrating as Year 1.

Saints vs. Vikings

It's a sure thing...that it's a toss-up.

Stand or Die

New study that sitting is dangerous.

41-59 Majority

Apparently a 59 vote majority is insufficient to govern.

Grand Illusion

Do health insurance mandates work?

Comic Relief

Louis CK on children and their secrets [video, warning: language].

Crash and Burn

White House gate crashers are exercising their right to remain silent.

Penny-wise, Dimebag-foolish

I'm a drug dealer, not a bank robber [video].

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rocky Top

Some Tennessee fans have gotten over Lane Kiffin [video]. Some haven't.

Uranus...No Longer Just a Joke Planet

Liquid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... really is a plane. NASA's cool new personal aircraft.

Game Over

Scott Brown wins. Now the Democrats get to choose between 4 options on healthcare (rush it through, run to Olympia Snowe, pass the already passed Senate bill in the House, start over with reconciliation). Beware the insane amount of unintelligent punditry that's going to take place in the next 24 hours about the meaning of Brown's win.

Quick Summary:
Why this is good for Democrats- Without a 60 vote majority in the Senate, Republicans will be able to obstruct by themselves and that might backfire when nothing gets done in the next 10 months. It also means anything that passes will have to be bipartisan (if only with one or a few Republicans).
Why this is good for Republicans- Republicans are more enthusiastic right now and this is another piece of evidence that that's the case. With the ability to obstruct in the Senate, it's going to be hard for Democrats to look like they've gotten anything done in the last 4 years as the majority.
Why this is good for America- Most Annoying Senator in the World Joe Lieberman is now vote #59 not #60 so he'll have less influence and get less attention.

"All Politics is Local"

Campaign stops between primary and Sunday: Brown 66, Coakley 19. She didn't hustle for votes and it'll probably cost her.

Try Try Again

Failed 2004 presidential candidate General Wes Clark is looking at a run for Congress.

Coaching Musical Chairs

SI's Stewart Mandel grades the NCAA football coaching changes.

Viewer's Guide for Tonight

DailyKos has a map of the 2002 results which mirror the approximate conventional wisdom that Brown will win around 50-45. Watch for whether the counties are swinging more toward Coakley or Brown than they did in 2002.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Anyone in the market for a $100,000,000 home?

Something Rotten in Denmark

A Boston Globe data test for tonight's results has the potential to become a hilarious conspiracy theory if Coakley pulls out a win.

Healthcare Spending


Conan O'Brien takes to Craiglist again.

Forty Years in the Making

The Jets and Colts faced off in Super Bowl III in a game fueled by the Joe Namath "guarantee". Sunday, it's Rex Ryan's confidence vs. Peyton Manning playing the whole game.


Jon Stewart on the Massachusetts Special Election.

Election Day

Polls close at 8 PM in Massachusetts and the fireworks begin.

Department of Small Victories

(CBS poll results)

Monday, January 18, 2010


If it wasn't for this partisan political move in 2004, Governor Deval Patrick would be appointing a new Democratic senator in Massachusetts. Ironically, Ted Kennedy himself supported the change.


Matt Damon in Green Zone, a movie that looks just like a Bourne movie. Pre-emptive thumbs up.

Toss-up No More?

Monorail Madness

A little-known story about how the monorail was killed in 1963 in Los Angeles. It's really a shame how this country hasn't utilized the relatively cheap, safe, and fast form of transportation the way other countries have. I guess you can thank the lobbyists for the oil and car companies.

Pat Robertson Gets a Letter from Satan

Not exactly true but it was published nonetheless.

Triangle of Wickedness

Iran sees our Axis of Evil and raises us the Triangle of Wickedness.

Oil Change Needed

Salary vs. Performance

A chart of 2009 baseball team salaries vs. 2009 regular season records.

On the Run

Montenegro loses its only hippo.

Monday Morning Quarterback

Peter King breaks down the NFL weekend.

The Lessons of Leno

"FOX is going to take the star of one hit show [Simon Cowell] and put him on the exact same show with a different title at a different time [X Factor]. I don't see any reason why that would be a bad idea..."- Joel McHale

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo Finish

Five Thirty Eight has Coakley and Brown as a toss-up. Looks like nobody has a clue but Brown certainly has the momentum.

Golden Globes Review

Avatar steals the best drama award from Up in the Air. Avatar was impressive but given the mundane and predictable plot, it shouldn't be best picture purely for its visual impressiveness. Up in the Air had a weak ending but the majority of the movie was really good and a lot more intriguing than the typical good vs. evil/David vs. Goliath story in Avatar.

Mad Men won for best TV drama which boggles my mind but I guess most people appreciate it more than I do. Alec Baldwin wins another award for 30 Rock, seems like he's got a lock on that category as long as 30 Rock is on the air. Congrats to Michael C. Hall for winning for Dexter, solid performance in all 4 seasons, and Jon Lithgow for guest star on Dexter.

And now to the best and worst dressed...just kidding.

The Light Was Blinking Red

Like pretty much every other major incident that occurs in the world, there was a warning this earthquake in Haiti was coming. I guess some solace can be taken that little could've/would've been done even if the warning was fully appreciated. Don't bet on anyone in the US taking it as a reminder that we should be a preventive not a reactive society though.

Department of Small Victories II

Jets win, that makes 4-0 for the weekend...shocking. Next weekend just got a whole lot more interesting; a rematch of the infamous Week 16 Jets/Colts showdown that ended abruptly when Peyton was pulled from the game.

Department of Small Victories

Ignoring the trendy pick, I correctly picked the Vikings victory. 3-0 so far this weekend (though completely wrong about the margins of victory), hopefully becomes 4-0 with the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

Call Inspector Clouseau

A look at diamond thieves in Europe known as the "Pink Panthers".

Smooth Move

Ed Schultz proposes cheating to win the Massachusetts special election on Tuesday.

I Am the Law

Obama's 5 best and 5 worst legal decisions of the year.

We Decide, We Report

Newsweek's Howard Fineman thinks FOX News' Roger Ailes runs the Republican Party in the absence of a true leader.

Catch Me If You Can

A modern day Frank Abagnale conned the Ivy League.

Year One

Dan Balz of the Washington Post looks at Obama's first year. "Around the White House these days, the president's advisors draw analogies with Reagan to paint a hopeful portrait of Obama's weakened standing. Reagan, they note, had approval ratings around 50 percent at the end of his first year in office and ended up winning a landslide reelection victory in 1984."

Sunday Cartoon

Advanced Screening

The LA Times looks at the anticipated movies of 2010.

"Let me be clear"

The Washington Post traces the use of Obama's favorite phrase.

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